An idea on some techs and a faction

So first of all: I REALLY love this game and I would love to provide some (hopefully) good ideas to improve it.

Idea for a faction: [center]The AI[/center]

As I heard we will get some factions with different focus (scavenge everything, get techs, get rid of all Zombies etc.) I want to suggest an AI Faction. I’m talking about an rouge experimental AI from an lab, wich focus could range from: Destroy every living (unliving) being, to: Create a peacefull world without zombies or anything other hazardus wich wasn’t in the “original” world and is nice/friendly to Humans/Mutants/Cyborgs.

Of course the main “persons” in this faction would be Robots of every kind under the controll of the AI and depending on the viewpoint it would allow Humans to join. I could imagine that mainly Tech liking Humans would join the AI (Scientists, Cyborgs etc.)

An idea for expanding this “mechanical” faction would be: Robotic workers (harvest, build etc.), Collectors/Scavengers, Guards, Scouts.

Ideas for Factions in general:

Ability to build new buildings (from tents, over Log cabins to houses etc.), to support the members of the faction, create new tools for the faction, food to keep everyone feed, produce stuff for trading etc.

“Classes” in the Factions: The Leader (can be one person/being, or multiple for different aspects of the factions [food, production, diplomacy]), the Guards/Soldiers (main job: Keeping everyone save/destroy every threat to the faction/it’s allies), Workers (could be seperated into Builders, Farmers etc.), Scavengers, Scouts, “Researchers” (for finding new helpfull stuff for the faction, making Drugs, CBMs etc.) and finally the Jack-of-all-trades (will/can do EVERYTHING, not very good at the more specific jobs like other members but can fill gaps if needed and is the main “class” in a small, growing faction [better have 10 ppl wich can do EVERYTHING instead of relying on 3-4 ppl for food for example])

Maybe some Factions specific Buildings: AI Core (for the AI of my suggested Faction), Sleeping Quarters, Storage Buildings, Garages, Power plants, etc…

Some other ideas:

Power system: Generators, cables, all that fun stuff to power some bigger Machines/provide power to the lamps etc.

An “research” system (for yourself alone or if you lead an “faction”) : To get some high-end stuff/Ultra-high-tech stuff
Nanite related research, for armor, repairs, building (we have already a “repairing” nanites CBM), HARVESTING
Genetic Reserach to cure ppl of their bad traits, improve their overall skills, better plants (faster growing, more yield…) etc…
Better/New ways to generate Power…

(It’s more like an “reinventing”/improving of the already present stuff. Or providing “Blueprints” for the specialised “Classes” in the factions, so they can build stuff wich is normally out of their skill reach)

Another Idea: “Harvesting” System for factions.

They can dig for metals, deconstruct buildings/vehicles, harvest plants/trees, to improve their faction/produce new tools/weapons/building-materials etc…

More will follow in some time. Please tell me what you think af my ideas. Critisism is welcome, if it is constructive and not just plain: “No, this won’t fit! / This is stupid!” etc…

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Well first off…

Factions, right now, have no use. Their names and morals are randomly generated and have no effect at all on the gameplay/what the player experiences.

And, to be honest an AI faction just sounds cheesy for me.

Don’t see why it’s cheesy. A faction who’s members are heavy on bionics and led by an AI, makes perfect sense in a post-apocalyptic world. Motivation is the hoarding of all pre-apocalyptic technology; sorta like some unholy bastard child of the Enclave and the Brotherhood Outcasts from Fallout 3.

It’s still pretty early for factions (considering the state of NPCs), but a suggestion is a suggestion.

As a concept it sounds really (really) cool, but within the code right now it’s next to impossible.

Also… all the AI is set to KILL ALL THINGS! KILL! not HUG ALL THINGS! HUH!

Yeah I know that the faction stuff is a far-shot (at the moment at least, but you can hope :stuck_out_tongue: )

SO some further Ideas:

Regarding the Power: Wind, Solar, Burn-Generators (from oil, gasoline, over to everything else burning), “Bio” generators (Produce enegy from LIVING organic stuff. So if you put a squirrel in you get power, but only a little amount… So the bigger the living creature is the more energy you get), Steam generators/turbines (mainly combined with Boilers/Fission Reactors), Fusion Power (it seems they have reached this level of technology already in-game, just look at the Fusion-weapons) and more… (if someone has more ideas please post them)

Some Machines: Assembler: It will make stuff for you if you provide a “Blueprint” and the needed materials, it could even break down other stuff to get the needed materials and has in internal-storage for materials and an output for the finished product. Example: You want a hammer, so you provide the Blueprint for it and the materials and it will make you an hammer after some time (maybe after less time than you would do it, it is a machine after all… It could be present in different “qualities” the better the machine the faster it works and the lower “qualities” work slower than you), mainly so you can do other stuff while the product is produced.
Automatic-Garden: It will take care of the plants for you. It will water, plant and harvest for you, you just have to provide seeds, water or other stuff needed. It has an internal Storage and an output.
Auto-Well/Waterpump: to get groundwater for your machines/generators or yourself for drinking (groundwater is NORMALLY clean)
Water-Purifier: To clean your water at an better rate/do it automatically

These machines could range from 1 tile big to 10 by 10 tile in size (or even bigger if you want), of course it would take more power and “Capacity” to opperate them (maybe for every tile?..)

Computer/Workingstation/Control-unit: Mainly for “research” (to find “Blueprints” [ofc you can make an Blueprint for every recipe you already know yourself]), to find higher Blueprints for stuff you normally can’t build yourself/otherwise. (Genetic Research especially for yourself and you can specifically say what you want [cure my lightweight, give me Nightvision etc…], Automation [for the Assembler/Auto-Garden or to get higher qualities of them], CBM reserach, Cloning and AI [to keep your machines optimised and controll auto-collectors to provide raw-materials for your machines. Like wood for assembler/Burn-Generator. The AI could even go “rouge” if your computer/electronics skill is to low]), to controll your Machines (maybe you can add extra RAM to improve it, but only to an certian extend in one tile) etc…

AI-Core: The place where your AI is located, can be upraded with software-updates/Hardware-updates. It could even “research” for you if you want to do other stuff. But be aware that there is an risk of it getting ROUGE, either if your Computer skills are to low / you rushed it programming / your Electronics skill is to low / you make mistakes with installing new hardware etc… It wouldn’t happen instantly, it could take some time to “corrupt”/activate the “bad” side of the AI, so you have still time to fix the problem (if you think there is, or you make regular “updates” to check the Programming/Hardware for malfunctions/problems).

Cloning-Machine: Here you can clone living beings, from squirrels, over dogs, to Humans (including yourself!). You could even “create” beings from scratch (what shall it be? Humanoid? A canine? What traits shall it have? How strong, intelligent… What mutations/traits shall it have?). Ofc it would take a good amount of “research” to get it/get more options to clone/create. You could even create a second body for you in case you die/Mutate into a way you didn’t want to or even just to keep working untill your “main” body is fully healed/cleaned of problems (unwanted Mutations/addictions etc.)

“Installer”/Auto-Medlab: To “install” CBMs in an controlled matter. You programm it and it performs the installation for you, just make sure you programmed it correctly/that the AI isn’t ROUGE, to prevent “accidents” (bad/broken CBMs, controlled by the AI etc…). You could even put an clone into here to upgrade it in advance, in case you need some special CBMs ALL the time.

Ideas for (Nanite based) CBMs:

Brainlink: So you can control robots wich belong to you / to be able to transfer into a “spare” body of yourself in case you die.

Nanite-Armor: For every body-part, it is reactive and hardens upon impact, and can close wounds but WON’T heal the damage done (you may stop bleeding but your arm is still messed up) and it will cost an (smal) amount of energy/power to keep them closed until you heal them

Genetic-control-system: Keeps track of your mutation status and can “clean” you from Mutations / can prevent you mutating (if you want), BUT the “cleaning” takes a LOAD of power AND it’s painfull (it’s more of an brute-force cleaning rather than an de-mutation, the nanites will go from [body] cell to cell to “repair” the mutation)

Electronics-link: It acts as an fingerhack, it also alows you to provide power to your other electronics (flashlight etc…), acts as an USB drive (to carry your programms around [Blueprints, AI Backup etc…]) and allows you to interact with computers and other electronics more “direct” (if combined with the Brainlink, you could get your AI/Computer to help with hacking, will provide an bonus to Computer skill and will speed up the overall speed of hacking/working on an Computer/AI. But there are risks too: You can get stunned, get serious pain [it IS directly linked to your brain after all] or can get taken over by an AI [wich will result in an game over {unless you had an “copy” of your mind stored for such a case in a cloned body} and your former body will wander around as an AI controlled enemy])

Other Nanite “stuff”:

Nanite-Power-Suit: Like in Crysis and it will need an UPS/Power-suit CBM to provide power to it, OR you could use it without it, BUT this suit has drawbacks: If you take too much damage it will save your live but will be permanently fused with your body (wich will make you funerable to emps etc…), if used without power-source it will take “power” from your body wich will cause you pain and will make you hungry faster.

Nanite-Repair-Kit/Nanite-Assembler (Pocket Assembler): You can repair/build/make EVERYTHING with it and will only need some base materials (nearly broken sword? You need metal. Clothes? You need the material it’s made out of. Etc…), but it costs a good amount of power (takes power from the source you want: UPS, batteries, your internal Power [needs Electronics-Link])

“Portable”-AI: It’s like the static AI, but with less capacity and power. YOu can integrate it in your Nanite-Equipment, or even into your body (if you want to, but beware if it goes ROUGE), but normally it will come in the form of an wristwatch, over PDA to an 1m X 1m cube (your preferences, but the bigger the more Capacity but also bigger power usage)

You can allow your AI to controll these Nanite Stuff to maximise power-usage to usefullnes (the AI will improve the power usage/speed/ability over an non-Intelligent Programm) but be carefull: If the AI goes ROUGE… You really don’t want to know what COULD happen… :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of the Stuff I posted is EXTREMLY High end and hard to get/research and will cost a good amount of materials and skills (and even machines to build the nanites / you have to find your first nanites to “kick-start”. Do you think you can build Nanites with normal Machines? NO YOU CAN’T!)

And finally something completly different: Recharable Batteries! (Why aren’t they in the game already… If they already are then I never found them…)

More to follow. Critisism allowed.

Thank you all in advance!

Some ideas about power/electricity:

De-/Charger: Will charge (recharable) Batteries, UPS and other kinds of electricity/power “containers” (even yourself if needed). It can even serve as a backup if you keep some UPS inside (charged) to provide power to your base if your power-source (generators, solar-panels…) don’t work.

Electricity/Power-Storage units: An static storage unit for your base power, has far greater capacity than “mobile” storages (batteries, UPS etc.) and comes in different “strenghts” (small, medium, BIG [at least 2 BIG charges are needed to kick-start the fusion-generator/reactor] and Ultra. The power stored steps up by 10 times [or what is better for balance, really])

Electric-Fences: As the name suggests it is a fence… wich is electrically charged. It causes mainly pain and stuns everyone/everything who/wich touches it (unless isolated from electricity). Comes in 2 flavours: Normal wired and Barbed wired

Electrical defenses: AKA Tesla Coils… As in real live they can’t really target but have an nice radius in wich EVERYTHING gets fried, unless good isolated from electricity (or plain immune to it… Maybe Goos?).

Floodlight and lights in general… I don’t want to regulary build an lightstrip and use an amplifier circuit.

I agree that the AI faction is gimmicky, and that it has been done to death in fiction.

But it does seem logical that an AI of sorts would do the high-level operations for, and have command of the robotic police force pre-Cataclysm.
The realism- and lore rationale would be that it’d be much easier and faster to have an AI manage squads of robots, rather than manually issuing commands to them. It’d also makes sense of why all bots are now out for blood: The last instructions given to the AI would be to “Kill all the zombies”, without it understanding the difference between humans and zombies seeing as they look so much alike.

The game rationale for including the AI faction would be to give the player a way of defeating the robots as a late-game challenge.

Actually, it’s more lore friendly if it was “Kill all infected with goo”.

Well lore-wise we can all see that the command: “Kill EVERYTHING Hostile on sight / Kill EVERY threat on sight” only really apply to the Humans, because the AI “thinks” that the Zombies are animals and as such NOT a threat. So that backfired REALLY hard, becausethe persons giving the command didn’t really know that it was an goo “infection” and they didn’t think af an way to specify this command only onto the Zombies etc. And the AIs I’m talking about aren’t the ones responsible for Security/Police, wich means it could be an Lab-AI, an Mining-Ai etc. (AI wich only had an specific job to help the Humans, wich didn’t include Security. The Police/Military had the only real Security Robots and ordered an “Kill-command”. And there could have been some “changes” in the AI programming while the cataclysm happend [electromagnetic pulses etc. wich “changed” the programmingof the AI and maybe deactivated “Thinking-Locks” wich prevented them from thinking freely, or it could have deactivated some “rules” in the AI program])

And why would an AI faction be gimmicky? If the AI is “human friendly”, then it acts as an “Leader” for a faction and will do most of the work with its robots but it will still have Humans in its faction and can’t really harm Humans unless they attack other Humans under the protection of the AI.

If the AI is in “kill all Humans” mode than we could handle it like Triffids / Fungal with an Core wich you have to destroy/disable or even “repair”. Maybe this could be the main way of getting Nanites, Nanites-tech and AI-tech. And if you choose to “repair” it you will be the “Leader” of the new faction and the AI maybe “Vice-leader” or such stuff…

And even more Ideas:


AI-link: Allows you to have a drect link to an AI (or even more if you want to), wich provides the ability to keep the AI in check, make Software upgrades without the need to go to the AI core (wich could be helpfull if your AI goes rouge and you hardcoded some backdoors for you to have access) and to allow the AI to inform you about everything it has in check (Storage, production etc.) and it will allow the AI to optimise your use of other CBMs (less power consumed, better use of CBMs [more points healed from the Nanobots, Blood Analysis can find infections etc. earlier, can detect fungal infection, Blood-Filter can counteract infections], Auto activation of needed CBMs [blood-filter etc.]). It even allows the AI to control Human bodies if this is installed and it is allowed to the AI to control the bodies, BUT ofc a rouge AI won’t care about such a thing and maybe even try to take control over your body.

Chemical Scanner/Balancer: It will detect chemical problems in your system and allows you to counteract against them. It allows you to counteract against mental problems (horader, schizopherenic etc.) and even body problems (every intolerance) if activated but it needs still meds to be activated (has an internal storage of drugs, but it will break the drugs up into it’s components and “construct” the needed drug for your system), the positive is that it gives double the time untill you needs another treatment, if compeared to “normal” taking of the drugs. The drawback is that it takes quiete a bit of power (for breaking drugs into its components/assembling the needed). It can be combined with an AI-link to automate it and improve power-usage and drug imput (the AI can calculate the amount of drug needed more accurately). (This CBM could be made into 2 CBMs: The Scanner (passive and will detect the need of meds sooner than you can feel the need) and the Balancer (active, for the drug injection)

Some other stuff:

The chance to transfer your mind into an AI. It will turn you into an AI and will allow you to take control over your Robots, Human bodies (with AI-link) and go into dangerous regions without the risk of you dying. Ofc the fact that you are an AI gives you some benefits: No need to eat, no pain etc… The Drawbacks are: You don’t really have an physical body and you need “hosts” to do works and you need power/electricity to survive.


“Mad” Scientist: You are one of the smartest persons on this planet, but most ppl called you “mad” for your ideas of the future. You tried to warn your co-workes about the dangers they are to awaken most certainly, but nobody believed you. And the Cataclysm you told them would come, came! Even though you thought that you may have more time. So you made it just out of your Lab and to a shelter with your live, your standard equiment and some Prototypes, mainly your AI wich you spend quite some time to complete.

“Human” AI: You worked in a lab and volunteered to be turned into an AI, in case you would die. Well the day came and you had an severe accident, wich left you with only your torso and head left and your organs sustained so much damage that you were on the verge of death (you actually died) and your body got “repaired” with many experimental CBMs but only after the Scientists transfered your mind into an (transportable) AI-core to safe at least your Mind. Now after the cataclysm you find yourself in an emergency-shelter (even though you don’t really know how you got there) turned into an AI and only with control over your former body, but there is an problem: You have only a limited amount of power stored and you will “die” for good if you don’t recharge regulary (wich could be turn out as an hard task)!

(Info about the “Human” AI: Your “body” is the AI-core and your former body is the only way for you to interact with the world around you. Your former body has following CBMs: AI-link, Electronics-link, Power Storage Mk. II, Battery System, Internal Furnace, Internal Storage, Artificial Arms/Legs… I still think about the others CBMs)

Do you have more Ideas/improvements? Post them! :slight_smile:

And more ideas:


Nano-Skin: Your skin is made more resitant thanks to Nanonachines. It reduces cut-damage and gives you an slight resistance against fire. It even works with “Artificial Arms/Legs” (it improves the artifical Skin wich covers the CBM [the artificial skin was mainly added so that an bodily handicapped person could lead an normal live, even if the limb isn’t covered by clothes])

Artificial Arms/Legs: You have exchanged your “LIMB” with an artificial “LIMB”. This CBM was developed for Industrial/Military use. It is armored, more powerfull than an “real LIMB” in general and has sensors so it feels like an real “LIMB”. Legs give: faster walking speed and give an carry bonus. Arms give: More damage, faster attacking speed but less Dexterity (the connection to the brain isn’t perfect). An Brain-Link CBM will improve the PROS and negate the Dexterity loss from the Arms. An AI-Link CBM will improve the PROS and turn the Dexterity loss into an improvement because of a finer tuning of the sensors (if combined with Brain-Link).

Vehicle parts:

Nanite-Repair-Module: It will repair the damaged parts of the vehicle if activated, but it takes: ressources to repair parts (metal/steel for armor plating, plastic for tires etc.) and an good amount of energy.

Nanite-Harvester: It will “harvest” everything it touches it if activated and has 2 modes: “Normal” mode (will give you logs from trees, meat from animals etc.) and “Disassemble” Mode (“processes” organic material into Organic/Plant Mass [wich can be used for different stuff] and will work like “Normal” mode otherwise), both Modes will "harvest " and auto collect EVERYTHING in the same tile (so it would be an good idea to deactivate it if you plan to walk over the same as the Harvester). It will transfer the “harvested” ressources to designated storage parts in the vehicle (trunks etc.) (you can even build an stationary version of this)

Other stuff:

Organic/Plant Mass: Comes in different kinds: Plant-Mass, Organic-Mass and infested Organic-Mass (organic mass is from meat). The mass is needed to research Mutations (even for plants [higher yield, faster growing rate etc.]), make Mutagen for researched Mutations/Improvements, cloning and other uses (nutrient paste after processing for example)

Thats all ideas for the moment, I hope someone has more ideas. Please don’t forget to comment! :wink:

I feel like I’m the only person posting here… Oh well! More Ideas:


******: Your body has developed the abitlity to “assimilate” the flesh of other creatures to heal itself. You can heal yourself with meat as if it is a Medkit but be carefull: Infested Meat and Spoiled meat could lead to illnes/infection. (Tier 1)

Assimilator: Your Body has perfectioned the ability to assimilate other creatures, it allows you to heal even better from using Flesh. Some “nice” sideeffects: It heals you as before but it prevents you from getting an illnes/infection from Infested/spoiled Meat, it will supply your Body with nutrition (food and water) and you have an SLIGHT chance of Mutating from assimilating. (Tier 2. The Mutation I posted before this one is the prerequisition for being able to get this Mutation)

******: Your body developed the ability to create an unlimited amount of bone and your bones are as durable as metal too. You can grow bones at will and that even in different forms: Normal Bone, Bone Blade, Bone “Pebbles”. You have also an Hand-to-Hand bones, because you can grow bone spikes/blades out of your skin. (this will cause ofc a bit of pain)

Acid/Poison Spit: You can spit Acid/Poison at will…(Fluff text etc.)…

Those are mutation wich could be rather easily implemented. (I don’t have names for all of them yet, some ideas?)

Here is an new Mutation-Tree:

Mind-Mutations (aka Mental-Powers): Telepathy, Mind-Reading, Mind-Manipulation etc. They have to ba obtained by Mutation or Profession and then act like Skills (You have to Mutate each ability and each ability lvls up like a skill. It would be highly “Unrealistic” to be able for example: control/befriend an NPC/animal right of the bat without some “training”. With Mutations that big in this game and borderline Physics this “COULD” fit in the game)

And here is one Mutation more!.. Or as I call it: “Mutation-Mutating”

Controlled Mutation: You can Mutate free at will, add remove Mutations you want. You have to “know” (have them “saved” in your DNA) Mutations, either by having the Mutation already, by having a mutation in the past or by “extracting” Mutation information from infested Flesh or infested Organic Mass (you have to extract multiple times to get an possible new mutation. Infested organic mass will give you more “information” than infested Flesh would). However: mutating on your own without the help of Mutagen or other means takes some time and takes some amount of nutrition.

…And I have still more ideas… PHEW … But it is getting a bit difficult to keep them game-fitting and not TOO OP…

Don’t forget to comment and tell me what you think about them. And you can ofc post your own ideas here too! :slight_smile:

And more Ideas:

A Faction:[center]The DNA-Collectors[/center]

(Or as I call them: The wannabe Zerg/[insert other assimilating Race from fiction here])

The “bad” ones of them should kinda work like Triffids/Fungal they are controlled by the same after all (I’m talking about Triffids controlling the Fungus. Not this Faction) and are kinda like the Blobs too (in terms of mutating) but not as “Nice” as the blob is.
The “nice” ones of them are more like Humans would work, walking around, searching for interesting stuff, resources etc.
Their goal is to assimilate as much different races as possible, be it by force or the friendly way, so there are two kinds of them like with my AI faction suggestion:

The Symbiotic/ Pure Collectors: Want your genetic information to improve themselfes (and other reasons you don’t understand), but won’t pressure you to it, or even harm you (unless you attack them or their partners ofc[Faction relations ftw!]). Will work with you if you are ready to work with them and give them your DNA, in exchange they will provide you with Mutations if you want etc.

The Assimilators: They want your DNA even if YOU don’t want them to have it. They’ll cover everything in their own Bio-Mass (who’s yelling “ZERG-CREEP” here?!) and will dissolve/turn everything into creatures that will help them. The real form of the Assimilators isn’t know, but the creep seems to be pulsating as if it is created by something “heart-like” (or better this “Race/(Part)Faction” only exist in the form of an “Brain”, like the Triffids have an “heart”)

…That’s all for the moment! :slight_smile:

So… A few things

A) You have a lot ideas
B) You have a lot of good ideas
You should try to learn to code so your good ideas can become more than ideas. :slight_smile:

-_- started to read this post. got about 4 lines in and realized i might be reading a book, scrolled down and sure enough its a book, eye sore… brain hurts gahhhhhhh

The ion storm gets shot the fuck down for no lore but this which has an AI going straight up AGAINST lore is welcomed… Inadaquete come back baby!

Our lore is that alien goo caused the apocalypse. I’m sure there’s more wiggle room than you give it credit for.

Not exactly the goo caused the Cataclysm but the Scientists wich played with portals and got us all this “fun”. But the Goo is the cause of the zombies, Triffids/Fungal aren’t connected to the goo and don’t forget about our other Nether “friends”. The portals lead to different other worlds the goo, the Triffids/Fungal and Nether “Demons” come from different worlds each.

Well I’m sorry about my love for detail, but I can’t stand the “Just because it should be implemented” reason. I want to provide some infos how I imagine it and how it could fit in the game, so ppl can understand why I think it could be implemented and how it could work (and to provide some description ideas IF some of them get implemented :P)

Not exactly the goo caused the Cataclysm but the Scientists wich played with portals and got us all this “fun”. But the Goo is the cause of the zombies, Triffids/Fungal aren’t connected to the goo and don’t forget about our other Nether “friends”. The portals lead to different other worlds the goo, the Triffids/Fungal and Nether “Demons” come from different worlds each.

Well I’m sorry about my love for detail, but I can’t stand the “Just because it should be implemented” reason. I want to provide some infos how I imagine it and how it could fit in the game, so ppl can understand why I think it could be implemented and how it could work (and to provide some description ideas IF some of them get implemented :P)[/quote]
detail i have no issue with I just was in no mood yesterday to read that much, was expecting a smaller post and an easy answer. But good suggestions!