Advanced Faction Interactions

An ability to name the players faction/group. Any camps the player makes will be named (insert faction name here) camp. You could also manually change their ultimate goal, primary concern, and what they are involved in. Naming your faction could also allow advanced interaction with other groups. These could include sending soldiers to attack other factions, sending trade caravans, receiving refugees (for varied reasons), constructing specialized sites (and more types of sites, other than camps), claiming sites (such as a city), etc. These interactions would also change your groups ranking, respect, wealth, food supply, and combat ability, based on the interaction’s nature. What do you think?

Sounds great. Could you please contribute some code to make it happen? Because honestly, improving the faction code has been slow going to me.

Sorry I couldn’t ask earlier, but do you know of any modding tutorials? I haven’t worked with C:DDA’s code before.

There is this guide which is very well written, but it focuses on JSON and from what I understand, the things you want to implement would require some C++ coding.

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Okay, and thank you. I appreciate your help greatly. Also, what is C++ coding?

C++ is the programming language that Cataclysm is made with. Changes involving C++ are much more complicated than simple JSON edits and generally require good knowledge on programming. JSON on the other hand is pretty easy to understand even for non programmers, allowing even people unfamiliar with C++ a way to contribute to the game.

Okay. Also, do you know where the code for naming a world is located?

it looks like somewhere in src/worldfactory.cpp