New Building Ideas

The windowless room in the middle-ish area (Below the two rooms I forgot to put the doors on) is supposed to be an office XD Complete with some back room with laundry and cleaning area, couple carts for collecting said laundry… …I don’t know how Motels work. XD

Motel could also have a basement with a skeleton in an arm chair, wearing a wig and dress.

regarding labs and ‘mini-mission’ oriented gameplay:
YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES. This is exactly the sort of thing that I think would make Cata the very best open world game. There’s no need (or want) for central story line, but interesting side missions like this would just add a huge amount of depth to the game. Even a simpler version of having to find a central control box that opens up a bunch of LMOE shelters/labs (this could be shoehorned in I’m sure) would go a long way to giving a few more ‘goals’ to aim for.

However, at this stage, it’d be absolutely fine to have unsolvable puzzles, and in a way, I feel they’d add quite a lot of the ‘hopelessness’ we strive after - this is as long as it was moderately obvious that you couldn’t complete it (as in, so the player doesn’t keep trying a hundred combinations of things to try to get it to work).

Please keep this up, if no one else gets to it first, I’ll be importing probably all of these into the game as soon as I’m waist-deep in merges rather than neck-deep. hint hint to people that know how to PR.

These are all excellent, can’t wait to see them in-game. I also particularly like the military last-stand/collection version.

It made me think that the game is lacking military checkpoints on roads and highways. I’d love to see some sandbags, tents, makeshift structures, and dead/zombified soldiers around a section of the road out in the wilderness.

Moar you say… Okay uh… Survivalist Home, (A bit trap heavy though, but I feel the shotgun traps behind doors is fitting. Anyway to make them go off on door open?)

Disregard the Coyote. Ideally, the crate would be empty (The landmines the homeowner placed :P) A mixture of display racks and lockers (Split up, less lockers than display racks.) The Brown #s touching the walls are benches (Something like the booth seating in ET?) And the “safe” in the bedroom is meant to be a gunsafe. Washer, Dryer, Tub, Sink, Toilet, Counters, Cubbords, etc.

I figure a survivalist who’s “prepared” is probably a bit more financially sound than a normal citizen. And in theory they’d have (at least) survived long enough to ‘armor’ their home like the one above. …Forgot to put a way to open the garage door, whoops.

i thinlk new buildings need to have interesting items in them. to give more of a reason to go to them.

That motel looks eerily identical to the one I am in right now…

shifty eyes

All it needs is a minifridge in each room, and a healthy infestation of bed bugs. :slight_smile:

There’s a pending PR that adds vermin (tiny monsters that can’t attack you), maybe bedbugs…

xibalba, take it to your own thread. This thread is to showcase vache’s efforts, not to start arguments. If a debate over this sort of thing is appropriate at all, this, especially, is not the place. This is a contributions forum, not the suggestion forum - if you want to have your suggestions discussed, you should bring them there. This is a subforum for people working on or showcasing improvements they are involved in, not arguing about suggestions or the direction of the game unrelated to the thread’s topic - in this case, Vache’s work.

The tangent has been removed. Honestly, it probably would have been a better idea to split it into it’s own discussion forum thread, but too late for that now.

Yeah, sorry about that. Didn’t notice it until after I’d started deleting.

Shush. Anyway…

Someone really needs to put the original batch of these in a PR if they haven’t already.

Someone with a good handle on the building template method should write a guide for sticking the template in the code.

My building editor is probably going to come with a comprehensive guide to how to create everything (at least how to do it using the building editor)

Oh yeah - no one should have to do your stuff, you’ve got a tool to do it for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Open up a PR already! Hah.

A building editor or a good guide to those would be brilliant!

Amazing giant buildings! And I’ve definitely been waiting for a good map editor :slight_smile: I’d want it to output ready-to-use coded map files though, because you can already use the in-game editor for brainstorming, and snap a screenshot, but that just relays an image/idea, takes no step closer to creating the actual building for use :frowning: It’d enable creative non-coders to create, and sap a lot of the work out of actually implementing the map for the coders… WIN-WIN! That’s two whole wins! :wink:

X out braiiiiiiiinns…, change to eddiiiiitooooorr… :stuck_out_tongue:

is this on the last version? I don’t think I already find any of those.

Also, amazing work, I loved. I’m waiting for the building editor :slight_smile:

Craters are good, but wat about ruined cities? Ruined by nuclear missiles or army, which try to clean it from zombies? Half destroyed buildings, twisted metal, fried corpses and ash… Ash of despair…

War. War never change.©