New Building Ideas

Lab Cafeteria. Not a break room, a cafeteria. Ideally it’d only spawn in the larger labs, but it’d be nice to have a food source in those larger labs considering how looting one completely can take longer than looting a city.

I have to say, that looks absolutely brilliant.

Quick update on the map maker; I had intended to release it along with 0.9, but after going through some of the changes in the experimental that should be coming up in 0.A, I think it is better to hold off until then. Currently, map maker would require a recompile of cata to insert a new building, and this would only work in the 0.9 stable version. The map generation process is being adjusted in the experimental builds, so the map maker export is no longer compatible with that process. That said, the adjusted map generation process should allow for a much smoother method to add new buildings without requiring a recompile of the game.