New Building Idea: Nightclub/Infested Nightclub

So, I’ve played several games which had some pretty epic fights that took place in a nightclub or similar establishment. Such a structure might be worthy of inclusion in CDDA.

I was thinking they might spawn in cities on occasion, and have a backup generator you could repair; you might use it for a number of purposes once power grids get implemented, but initially I was thinking it would allow you turn on the sound system. Holographic dancers or something might also be a possibility. Turn on the sound system, crank up the volume, and let the zombies come to you for slaughter. Holographic dancers or similar might act as distractions to keep some enemies off you.

You could stay and fight the horde the noise brings, set up a killbox to slaughter the zombies as they enter, or simply turn the music on and set the timer on a mininuke or something and run.

Might also have another version which is already filled with enemies that are either hiding or “asleep”, and when you turn the power on, say, to open an electronic door or something, the music kicks on and all the critters inside wake up, as well as drawing the attention of whatever might be outside.

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I recall seeing some Zombie movies in nightclub settings too. Think most of them were low budget, but still. Its a good location for creepy zombies in a dusky/dim setting, even when the sun is up.

I think my favorite has to be the one from the Aliens Vs. Predator game, linked above. You are stuck in the middle of xenomorph hive inside a nightclub, and at the worst possible moment THE MUSIC TURNS ON. When I first played that game, I was like ooooohhhhh SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!

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We have strip clubs already if that matters :man_shrugging:

my experimental 8485 shows new location : sex shop…

what lacks of it : zombies (especially in a fur suit :smile:)

Furry fetish and tittytassle zombies lol

Getting screwed/eaten in more disturbing ways than one? lol

XD yeah… that’s what i thought when i first entering the sex shop for the first time (and hell i even bombed one of the shop with a nuclear missile)

I’m all for this idea, because I’d love a Madness Combat vibe to this game.

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That alien video put me on edge and set my heart racing. Very interesting idea to put into the game. Also, it would be very nice if you could connect the generator to a light or fridge.