General ideas

sorry if i make a suggestion someone else already made/suggest something already planned

General Ideas

  1. Custom radio station/music ala GTA
    have in-game CDs link to a folder/folders where you can put your own music
    example, you find a CD named “country music” which links to the “Country” folder where you put your favourite Willie Nelson songs
    then when you turn on your car stereo/walkman/mp3 player/whatever it plays these songs

  2. suicide vest.
    if you’re mortally wounded and you want to take the bastards out with you. could also be given to brainwashed NPCS and then send them into a bandit camp
    could use a cellphone to detonate

  3. hooking up dishwashers, fridges etc to your solar panels to make them usable (not sure if this is already in)

  4. hearing zombies moan and groan, i think ive only seen scientist zombies do this

  5. more character/physical descriptions like in dwarf fortress. perhaps not as complex, but it really helps with immersion and roleplaying. "he is tall, with a long beard and crooked nose’, ‘his face is unremarkable’ etc

  6. tattoos and scars. not really useful except for immersion and roleplaying. could signal gang membership (if not covered up)

  7. having your long hair/beard being grabbed by zombies (if not covered up). would give an actual reason to use shaving/haircutting kits.

  8. a ‘zombies eat corpses’ mod, for us Romero lovers. (or just a ‘Romero lore’ mod)

  9. when incredibly drunk, have your character ‘stumble’ and move in the wrong direction sometimes (like project zomboid) this might make DUI a bit more !!Fun!!
    also, drinking until you black out, then waking up in a different place with an inventory full of traffic cones (or some silly item)

  10. having an ‘auto drink/smoke/snort’ for your addictions. could be switched on/off like safe mode

  11. crouching/sneaking/stealth, camo clothes would give a bonus in woodlands etc

  12. facing/direction, like in Unreal World. would make the Good Hearing trait a bit more useful.


  1. ‘Sicko’ trait. morale bonus for seeing creatures die in horrible ways (burning, gibbing etc)

  2. nudist trait. refuses to wear any clothes. backpacks and the like would be allowed so as not to make it too difficult

  3. an explicit religion trait. you would get a huge morale bonus for gathering/converting npcs and then preaching/reading your holy book to them in a church.
    it could be gained similarly to the religion system in DCSS. as in, find a book, read it and then “Would you like to convert? Y/N”


  1. have the ability to “have a chat” with your follower npcs for morale boost/trust gain(depending on your speech)

the creative/writing section of the forum could write some conversations and NPC histories, making you feel more attached to them/less inclined to use them as a meatshield

  1. npc types/giving npcs traits
    make certain npcs do certain things. Some ideas:

‘arsonist’ trait would be more inclined to use molotovs and flamethrowers and burn things randomly
’criminal’ trait, more likely to shank you in your sleep/steal your stash/leave you to get eaten if theres too many zombies
’paranoid’ trait, wears a tinfoil hat and hates people in suits, harder to gain trust with
’drug abusing’ trait. some will go on meth binges, some will smoke bongs all day and eat all your food, some will overdose on heroin etc
’Euphoric’ trait, wears cargo shorts, trenchcoat and a fedora, destroys religious books/symbols/clothes, distrustful of you if you’re wearing a priest gown or whatever

a high perception stat would maybe allow you to see these traits, or perhaps you could guess them based on clothing/appearance
a stoner would have huge pupils, a smackhead would have track marks, methheads would have missing teeth etc

  1. npcs making idle chatter about things they see/do. commenting on their surroundings, saying “ahh” after drinking, screaming when theyre being killed by a bear, calling your name if they need your help etc

  2. having npcs kill themselves if they get too depressed/low morale

a zuicide vest sounds amazing. and doable. im stealing that idea

I’m a masochist, so I’m all in favour of the UnReal World vision, but doing so would require a great deal of work to make it happen properly if not a whole lot of rewriting of existing mechanics. I also like the idea of the music folder, but as far as I know the actual sound for the game is still considered mod territory.

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Ideas that involve, nudism, terrorism, moaning and groaning, traits that involve sadism, neckbeard trait.

This is wayyyyy to 4chan for me.

Edit: Yes, I think the OP is trolling here.

Just use an mp3 player, as in outside of the game. Really want to waste developer time implementing, testing, and maintaining a mp3 system?

Duh. <3

no suicide vest is happening.

How would the code lock the vest to the detonator? that sounds tricky to add into the game. Also giving the vest to an NPC sounds like a better idea than having an item just to end your game.

Morbid idea of sticking the vest on your more disposable dog/cat/slime/larvae pets aside…

The detonator should be trivial for most purposes. Just make the vest itself an activated item with a set timer that makes it automagically detonate at the end of the timing.

Though, making it a vest seems kind of pointless. Changes such as allowing the crafting of Adhesive C4 to stick to mobs or the like, or a means of making a much bigger block of C4 (just several combined slabs that go off all at once) would serve any purpose the vest would have. Just set it off inside your inventory, or stick it to the carrier in question.

Coding detonator-linked immediate C4 shouldn’t really be all too problematic, either, just a bit more effort.

NPC suicide vest are happening guys.

Zombie slaves holding bombs is already a thing.

Tranquilizer darts to knock out npc’s.

also like the idea for npc traits.


Chainsmoker should not be listed here. It should be in Traits.

Soccer player - has good dodging

What about building robots? Is that in any of the mods?

Robot building should be mod material imo. But a modular framework such as with vehicles wouldnt hurt.

Something like the fallout expansion would be quite awesome. No idea how you could make robots made with the vehicle system move on their own though. It’d be cool that, adding them some good in game AIe finding a chip or something in a lab, have them behave like NPCs but with way more life.

yeah feed em batteries or wait… Build a gas powered robot! rumble your diesel robot Schoephausen emits a cloud of smoke

I like the CD idea. Imagine driving past a caravan and hearing random track alerting you to the presence of survivors. I would pull it from a database of random songs instead of your favorites though.