I suggest to the invention this device. this device being activated and placed in the refrigerator, will the hordes of zombies that try to stick his head in the refrigerator and die from the hustle being crushed by other zombies.
Will then collect valuable loot.

Uhm…First of all, wrong place? Suggestions for the game are supposed to go into the Drawing Board, not into the Garage.

Second, What’s up with the Name of this Thread? q.q

And Third, You don’t tell us much about this ‘device’ you want to get integrated into the Game…
So, from what I can tell, you want to have some Kind of Trap, probably a Noisemaker in a Fridge/Locker, from what I was able to decipher, which would lure in Zombies and kill them by the dozens if enough zombies are there? That…Prolly won’t gonna happen. While I definitely support the Idea that Zombies should be able to hurt each other in order to get to you, a simple Fridge or Locker wouldn’t suffice for this task. Like, at all. Did you see how those Zombies tear through all kind of furniture and cars when they are aggroed? They destroy metal racks, bookshelves, doors without much problem, and the stronger ones even break through walls, if left alone long enough. They’d shred your Refrigerator/Locker after a few seconds, and the Noisemaker will probably get destroyed in the same time, therefore making the Trap a waste of possible useful ressources.

try to google by 241543903 :slight_smile: many of peoples put their heads into refrigerators. and as comment - %SUBJ%

perhaps it should be a kind of mine with a timer.
just not a simple mine. it should not make KA-BOOM! not! this mine gave power to the refrigerator at the appointed time.
timer to give the player time to run away.
and then - Noise Maker and refrigerator - Powered On in one time.
Zombie attracted with noise from refrigerator opens the refrigerator door and sticks his head freezes like a rose descended into liquid nitrogen.
another zombie comes to frozen and thus it breaks. and so is enough charge in the atomic battery. Zombies will come up and freeze, and every next one will break the previous one.
I think so, its fun device can cleanse at once the small town of size 2 or even 3.

and yes - of course - I offer my apologies for the fact that he wrote in a different branch. blame. i been in a hurry to write the idea until she escaped.

Not sure if that would work out, even with the ‘improvements’ you wrote.

A Fridge, even a futuristic one, will not be able to cool something down -200°C ; the electronic parts just won’t do it, the lowest freezer I know goes maybe to -85°C, which is…cold, definitely, but not cold enough. You’d have to tinker a lot with the fridge to even remotely get something like that.
And even if the character is able to do something like this ; The fact still stands that a Zombie would rather just bash the whole Fridge apart than look into the thing :3 Zombies are pretty straightforward in this regard. There is a noise somewhere? Lets get there, and if something is in the way, destroy it. They don’t really appear to ‘look’ around or try to find the easiest way to the nice, they just go straight towards it.

ok. well i see it is a not good idea bcoz of impossiblity.
well. thanks for a crytics.

Can zombies even damage each other while trying to reach a ‘goal’? Aside from buildings crashing onto them?

Currently not, no. They don’t hit each other or squish each other, even when a full horde is trying to get to you through one tile. They just wait their turn to go through the one tile. Which is, in my opinion, quite the mistake - they should be enabled to hit each other when the they’re in each others way.

The hulk bashes zombies out of the way.

By the way, yes! because zombies stupid. is not it? otherwise they would not climbed through the broken window and injured himself to be. But the game character - not the fact that necessarily injured by the broken glass. if enough dexterity, not get hurt. I personally think so, because I often managed to climb through the broken glass does not hurt.
that might be a zombie in a crowd should consider all foreign objects as obstacles, if they aggro on the target.

For example, if between me and Zombie is the table, Zombie have considers the table as an obstacle and destroy it, if he can. what hinders to make so that the zombies looked - in general, ALL - as an obstacle, if he targetted onto me?

disorder. For it turns out that the zombie to zombie - FCB (friend, comrade and brother.) :slight_smile: disorder!!! :slight_smile:
but @The hulk bashes zombies out of the way.@ !!! well how it may be if zombie to zombie - FCB

@The hulk bashes zombies out of the way.@ <> FCB-principle.

i think so.

Anything that could cause an entire horde to attack each other is going to be massively OP, to the point of breaking the game, any time you have more than a certain number of zombies after you, all you have to do is lead them to a chokepoint and they’d tear each other apart.

damn! you are right.
ok my idea is not good, AFAIS.