Awesome Idea For Cdda (Game modes)

I have a idea for game modes in cdda:

These are the game modes

1)Before The Cataclysm:
It has no zombies only lawful humans (some criminals) and you can buy or sell items at shops and stuff kinda like Cdda + Gta also some names like John : shopkeeper or Bob : Neighbor you can also get arrested

2)2 Days Before The Cataclysm:
Day 1: Same as the first game mode
Day 2: Panic everywhere car wrecks people running few zombies police trying to stop rioters/people/zombies + calling military,placing roadblocks with turrets,riots and people attacking other people looters and raiders also people running into buildings and evac shelters
Day 3: Normal cdda but with the same spawned npcs and lots of other zombies also you have a 50% chance of finding Bob : Neighbor (NPC) or zombie Bob : Neighbor

Classic cdda

These are my ideas and sorry for bad English.
Note: If you can please add this in the game it would be highly appreciated

Sounds like a Drawf Fortress gameplay and also a tough job for our contributors…