More types of enemies besides zombies

all this talk of zombie this zombie that can we give some of the other creatures some love?

when i first heard of this game i was under the impression that zombies were just one of the basic enemies you could run into and you would find harder more dangerous things that made the zombies look like a walk in the park to deal with.

so why can’t we give more attractive features than zombies i actually find zombies to not be a attractive feature its been done like a thousand times now.

ok zombies are undead humans that don’t use things like swords gun’s bows etc i would just like to point out a human with none of the for mentioned is generally dead meat for any predator in nature.

i’m surprised that the giant flies are not actually eating zombies, using them to reproduce ever hear of the human bot fly <- if you have not please don’t look it up its pure nightmare fuel. lets just say they kinda hunt humans specifically humans >_<. also we have spiders where are the scorpions? giant mantis? man eating birds. mutant creatures made by sciences.

and i usually enjoy fighting things like the jabberwock, blob’s, gaint worms, fungaloid, triffids, mi-go, yugg, amragara horror, flamming eye, and robots
over the zombies.
i honestly wan’t this game to give me more what the hell is that thing. rather than oh look a slightly stronger human corpse (kill it like the rest).

One of the eventual dev goals is to get a more dynamic world going, so you would be able to run into towns that have been overridden by fungus, for example. We are also looking at eventually expanding the portals to actually allow travel through them, so you could take the fight back to the triffid home world. For now though they are waiting for behind-the-scenes work that needs to be done, but they are definitely on the list.

I was thinking of adding in some other types of creatures such as mutants (who would be like stronger NPCs except with mutations?). Perhaps adding some NPCs that spawn in groups with certain gear, kind of like how you find the dead drug dealers and dead military squads, except they would be alive and roaming the map together.

Not that bad of an idea, and IMO feral mutants could probably fit nicely within the cataclysm lore (as well as more organized groups, IIRC some of the current faction plans will be pro-mutant).

Dynamic maps sound cool, like one is normal and the next has fungus and the next is populated by bears and… but what’s going to happen with the enemies? I think that it would be nice to have a little more zombie types, but they would have to make zombies look stupid too, and not in the way hulks do, and I agree, when I first heard of the game I thought zombies were going to be the very least of my concerns.

What about a zombie dragon mutant, or feral pegacorns roaming fields (google it, pegacorn=majestic), not sure how flying would work though, maybe they are just harder to hit. Anything new though would have to have something different to the plan of attack, which at the moment is run at and hit for everything, or something different with the enemies attacking, which is once again, run at and hit for just about anything.

Mutants, honestly, just sound like zombies with a little more stats. What about a zombie that always strafes, or maybe tree huggers that make a giant circle around you and hold hands and maybe try to chain themselves to you (wow, that could make a horror film).


Got one!

Hungry Nook = A sinewy and sessile sapiovore prone to lurking in easily over-looked nooks and crannies. They don’t move and would spawn with several variants that look identical to the furniture they replace.

In Dresser
Under Bed
Toilet Terror
Fridge Horror

Shrieking Wall = A wailing mass of meat moss that grows in sewers and caves. Lowers player moral and alerts other sewer/cave creatures of intruders within adjacent tiles. Mix some Sewer style hungry nooks in for flavor.

Slouching Maw = What the above enemy draws to you. Vanilla style sewer dwellers that ended up unwitting hosts to small colonies of nooks through contact with contaminated sewage. Fast but also blind they’d need to be within one tile to stop searching and go full hostile. Powerful retaliatory bite attack when meleed.

Mawling = Child variant of Slouching Maw.


Mawther = A hideous blockage of filth and detritus dominated by a toothy yonic prolapse through which a steady squamous stream of its brood pollute the water. Attacks the player by hosing them with sewage at mid range or biting those adjacent. Causes nausea at close proximity.

This is a good idea.

I would love to see flavor mutants check thresholds before going hostile.

Possible Mutant Encounters:

Alpha = Ever seen crossed? These would be bad batches of Primes that degenerated into intelligent but uninhibited savages. They’d carry a mix of stone age and scavenged weapons, leather, bone or chitin armor and the occasional buffalo Bill style mancoat. Human meat and cannibal style treats are part and parcel of encountering them. The’d be non-hostile to other alphas as a sort of “Survival of the fittest” mentality and extremely dangerous to most others due to their prime stats.

Bugs = You’d find them supporting hives or ant nests. No equipment to speak of but make due with natural body armor, wing assisted speed and having a highly venomous sting/powerful mandibles. Non-Hostile to Insect threshold.

Cow/Ursine = It would be great to see these guys with the huge mutation lugging around one of those mighty weapons that got PR’d.

Etc. Etc.

For your entertainment (or butthurt):

Yeah, and currently they work like Jellies from crawl stone soup. Consuming objects for more HP. No splitting into more of them.

And they hit pretty hard.

[quote=“Soyweiser, post:10, topic:5036”]For your entertainment (or butthurt):

Yeah, and currently they work like Jellies from crawl stone soup. Consuming objects for more HP. No splitting into more of them.

And they hit pretty hard.[/quote]

Absolutely terrifying.
I love it.

Where do you find the shoggoths?
Any hints/tips?
Are they weak to bullets?
Should I hide in my base’s closet for 4 seasons? [size=5pt]or do they spawn there? D:[/size]