Neversalimus mods(Weapons and Scarlet Site chapter 0) Updated (12 may)

Scarlet Site chapter 0 (The invasion has begun) lore-friendly (I hope) endgame mod

[spoiler] The mod consists of building with basement for endgame ready players.
Whats in:
1 New weapon (With new material)
3 New enemy (2 types) (Including hard endgame boss, run some tests by myself, to kill it you need good armor and .50 caliber weapon, has some interesting attacks, there is no error in the drops, possibly can change it later but that’s the question of lore)
3 New map locations building, basement, parking lot
4 Notes expanding the lore of the mod, and what to expect in future
35-50 mins of gameplay

Lore is made by me with some inspirations from X-com and some other games and films

Bugs: English is not my first, nor second language, so expect several typo.
it may or may not spawn if there are more special locations than map gen can spawn (more than 72), just spawn it manually by debug menu than. I have 90 overmap locations and the RHQ spawns.

Download Link:

v 1.1

New in 1.1 version
-added parking lot to building
-2 new enemies
-enemies now spawn around the building so it actually looks like invasion
-enemies now in their corresponding faction to prevent them attacking each other
-several bug fixes in drops
-more lore friendly descriptions

old versions

Pretty much chapter is finished, there will be some polishes(like speeches for new enemy and several map changes, possibly expanding building and basement)

To do

SS RHQ building add 2nd floor.
Add speeches to existing enemy.
More types of other species (partly)
Make the new Species spawn around SS RHQ
When I figure how sounds work add them to enemy
When I figure how terminal snippets work add them to existing terminals in basement
When I figure how sprites work add existing or make new for the enemy (very long term)
If needed add more download links

What i’m working on now:
More enemy types
More lore notes
2nd floor
Adjusting spawns
Possibly nerfing or buffing existing enemies based on feedback

Start working on chapter 1 when at least 50% of list is completed

Please share feedback about the mod and what should I change there

How to deal with new enemies

Drones D-type and C-type - they are very fast, mediocre armor, low hp so use a gun with armor penetration rounds, no melee, if they swarm you than you are pretty much dead, its very easy if you have a car with turret.
Juggernaut D-type - be ready for everything, it is a strong hulking creature with advanced armor and high hp, use .308 or .50 gun with ap(if possible) rounds, or high damage laser cannon its all up to you. This time you will have 10-15 turns before he kills everything in room and attacks you, also if he decides to shoot his laser lmg just flee upstairs and pray


Neversalimus Weapons mod

[spoiler]Good day, i have made some basic weapons that in my opinion should be in cataclysm, they are balanced and just add more diversity into early game (as of 0.1 version).

Newest version alpha 0.11 download link (just add www to the beginning)

list of weapons
new in 0.11 version

knife-on-a-chain (to make you need fabrication 1) - knife attached to a steel chain by nails and duct tape(or threads) bashing/cutting weapon with Reach attack and Wrap attack (cause only spears with reach attack are boring), i balanced it a lot and it now seems that this weapon now fits perfectly into a game, if something goes wrong just let me know.

0.1 version

Plastic knife (to make you need - fabrication 1)
Throwing plastic knife (to make you need - fabrication 1, throwing 2), yes plastic is very light for throwing, but there is a wooden handle for weight and range
Nail cudgel (to make you need - fabrication 1)

What to expect: More melee weapons, some guns, some bionics (i plan on making it as a pack so you’ll have a choice on what you would like to see ingame)
What to expect in long future(or not) when i familiarize myself with the code: i plan on making an alien race for a very late game challenge with its own zones and buildings, something like labs but creepier and of course harder
For Developers: if you want to add some of my weapons to original game, feel free to do it, just let me know of this, so i remove duplications.

To install

  1. go to your catalysm folder/data/mods
  2. unpack the rar into mods folder
  3. enable mod in world creation

if you encounter errors or balance issues let me know

To download. (add www to beginning of the link, forum just do not allow me to post external links)
0.11 version

0.1 version

Of course if you have any suggestions, feel free to post.[/spoiler]

pretty neat
if you want inspiration check out the fallout 3 and 4 wiki , the weapons there fit perfectly here

Cool mod! Keep up the good work!

Scarlet Site Chapter 0 released

Sounds cool, the more end game challenges there are, the better. I’ll check it out.

Scarlet Site Chapter 0 Version 1.1 released

New in 1.1 version
-added parking lot near building
-2 new enemies
-enemies now spawn around the building so it actually looks like invasion
-enemies now in their corresponding faction to prevent them attacking each other
-several bug fixes in drops
-more lore friendly descriptions