Needful things (simple additions to improve the game)


Already mentioned this, but if there was a way to favorite item recipes in the crafting menu, that would be lovely c:


Make it so that jumper cables are actually attached to a vehicle and not a ground tile so that we can charge up with the Cable Charger System CBM while driving around.

Currently the cable breaks once you start driving away from the ground tile you applied it on.


If you examine the vehichle space you attached the cable to you will find a jumper cable.


Yes, but if you drive the car, the cable gets pulled off as if it’s attached to the ground tile, not the vehicle.


Zombie doctors, nurses and patients. Anyone wants those?


I do. Though we’ll need to add some level of uniqueness to distinguish them from ordinary zombies.


They’ll drop meds! :smiley:

And maybe have some sort of ‘injection’ special attack.


Compost bin. A way to use rotten food that doesn’t involve post thresholding and can be used for all the things regular fertilizers can be used.


NPC command to tell them to not attempt to move in a vehicle when the vehicle is moving.


This, along with a way to give them serums from the bottle.


Try Cataclysm-DDA-LUA mod - it contains athletics skill.


Fix the makeshift electric lighter to finally count as fire source.


Portable card reader.

So we don’t have to look for ATMs all the time.


Cool,but I still think it should be included in the main game


Id like to see the five fucking million queries removed when loading a manual weapon.

“You see the dog approaching! Stop reloading? (Y/N)” x99999999
"Giant Black Widow spotted! Stop reloading? (Y/N)" x9999999
"Heard WHUMP! Stop reloading? (Y/N)" x99999
"Heard SMASH! Stop reloading? (Y/N)" x999999

And pressing “I” does nothing except skip one of the prompts,so its useless


It’s annoying but necessary.

Otherwise you’ll be here raging about how your character just stood there and got butchered by one angry rat after you pressed one button because reloading took too long.


No,you are wrong,it is not necessary.

I know that my character will reload his Remington 700+++ in time because he is at full health,110 speed,Pain 0 and the “rat” is 16 tiles away


And then the situation changes and you die and come here to rage about how 'the game should let me stop when there’s danger!"

There’s no way for the game to know when you would or would not want to stop a long term action. So like I said, it’s necessary.

Laser weapons are nice tho, since they don’t need reloading.


you only need one, and then you can just feed the blob and make it multiply.


New vehicle part:viewport

Found on apcs,tank,ifv and howitzers.Allows for looking out of it,but not into it when viewed from outside the vehicle.

Or even better,change the hatches we currently have to behave in this way,since I dont think a zombie would be able to see my stack of 42 rotten vegetable aspics in my Foodco in my tank through the viewport