Suggestion: Quality of Life changes (Favorites tab for crafting menu)

I’m sure some of you seen my name on Discord…some anyways. But moving onto the suggestions. Now, I’m sure you all know about the crafting menu…you know, the thing that you always use whenever you start the game by pressing &. (Kudos to you for whoever never crafted anything.) And I’m sure a lot of you get marginally tired of crafting the same thing over and over again, having to browse through the goddang menu to find ‘clean water’. Or filtering it out even. What I’m suggesting is a simple concept of…favoriting your selected recipe. And perhaps add a Favorites tab in the crafting menu. Like so!
See! Fav tab! You can favorite your items and see them on the first Tab when you press &! Faster than searching it up and save some seconds and finger strains!
The second suggestion I would like to be implemented is to make the prompt of harvesting stuff like your farmland. It can get immensely tiring to E>Arrow>Pick [plant] up? Y/N>Y and repeat like 20 to 30 times per harvest. So, why not just make it an…optional thing. Make the prompt optional in the Options.


this would actually be super helpful, especially in early game when you’re making a socks in rocks over and over and over again… and pemmican. i make a lot of pemmican.

Yea, I often have to backtrack when trying to see what recipes I should choose and what I can do, especially when cooking

Personally, I’d like being able to craft as much as something as I want with current resources. For example, I’m trying to craft Mutagen and have both Tainted Meat and Dehydrated Tainted Meat; I have enough of both these resources to craft a total of 20 mutagen, but only 10 mutagen with each of them. It will show up in the crafting menu as me being only able to craft 10 mutagen.

That definitely would help, however, in that scenario. You can just press - to repeat what you just made without having to go into the crafting menu itself. And hey! The fav option will make the process even shorter if you fav the mutagen!