Needful things (simple additions to improve the game)


Labeling for furniture “containers” and vehicle “containers”.


Using the worn out “crowd sourcing” term I would like a utility that allows people to build buildings easily. Like click build wall and paint a wall. Then the utility saves these custom buildings in a format that can directly added to the game. We would get a lot of creative additions to the game from the fans.


The walls are not that hard. There is a lot of more painful things.


I think a quality of life improvement would be a central mod database that includes version compatibility. I assume with all of the experimentals a mod would mostly always be compatible until someone complains, in which case it would be considered broken and noted in the database.

This would also alleviate some of the problems with double inclusions of mods that overwrite each other from different places, such as with the launcher. I think that it would have to be kept simple though, because I can see how some mods rely on other mods which rely on other mods etc.

… I just realized how whiny this sounds, so I may try to do this myself if I have time. But considering that I don’t know much about the mods it may be difficult.

Note: this is building on what Nick001 said in an earlier post that I had.


NEVER MIND: I just didn’t have a can sealer and I’m blind.

Half of canning recipes require glass jars. Half require tin cans or canisters. I suggest that recipes be made consistent and that recipes for 3L jars of canned goods be added. Possibly gallon jugs as well. Same goes for pickling, including barrels and Jerry cans.

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… I suggest that recipes for 3L canned and pickled goods be added.


Idea, not sure if simple or not:

(D)isassemble a firearm into Parts: [firearm name and disrepair status]. (a)ctivate the Parts to (1) repair an identical firearm once, consuming the parts or (2) rebuild the original firearm.


Radiation storms ala Fallout 4.


Something that should be pretty simple: make the enhanced hearing bionic, while activated, allow you to crack safes without a stethoscope.


Something that should be pretty simple: make the enhanced hearing bionic, while activated, allow you to crack safes without a stethoscope.

This is already implemented.


Really? Ive never noticed. I will have to check that when I get home.


Make sure you have them on instead of in deaf mode.


Needful things?Simple to add?

Athletics skill.Simply put: it raises through running and cycling and high levels will allow a player to run and cycle (and swing heavy weapons) longer than even the indefatigable stat allows.

After doing some digging it seems that Kevin has thought of this here:


Crafting recipes for syringes in vanilla would be nice and simple


I dunno, I wind up tossing syringes out of my deathmobile because they’re so common. What am I gonna do with two dozen empty syringes?


Spend a few hours foraging you’ll find however many syringes you need.


Oh well I guess I should get into foraging them, since I need them for crafting blood draw kits that I need if I want to create the blob vehicle parts from the Vehicle Additions Pack mod


Shaped Charges.

It’s a way for more RDX-inclined characters to “solve” metal doors


Yes we need more uses for RDX.


Please add (and not replace normal washboard behavior) a crafting recipe to wash pieces of kevlar, leather, rags, nomex, and plastic chunks. This way, we can easily wash many small pieces in bulk, while retaining the ability to wash single items of clothes.


I made a PR for adding a washing machine in August. Unfortunately, it wasn’t merged yet.