Needful things (simple additions to improve the game)


or just ad light inside. They need to be able to see to shoot you anyways.


I hope this wasnt suggested before, but i have an idea involving NPCs. In most of my game i try to settle down and recreat somekind of civilization. This involves farming, gathering everyday stuff, hunting etc. I usually make multiple characters, who works together for the same goal.

My idea would be Camp Management. It simply means you can tell NPCs, to go to the forest and gather some fire wood, to cook meals, craft something, gather loot, form caravan to trade etc. The commanded NPC would vanish from the base for awhile, and return with the stuff. I dont know how easily would be to implement it, but random injuries could also happen or they just simply didnt found anything…

Now thinking through we could set what the NPC should scavenge, with the pick up orders, but would be nice to use other then fighting skills of the other survivors.


Maybe it’s just one of the mods but I don’t like how new fuel tanks work. It just don’t make any sense. When one of fuel tanks is empty it is excluded from fuel tank list. So you have 2 fuel tanks. Fuel level get to 50%. One of the tanks is totally empty and suddenly you have 100% fuel. Sometimes it easy to forget about if for a while and get stuck in the middle of nowhere without fuel because you thought 10% of fuel was 4 times more than it actually were.

Additionally when fuel tank is depleted you can just load it up with water and it goes not in the engine but in the kitchen unit.

I suggest to separate tanks as fuel tanks and general tanks. General tanks work like they work now. Fill with anything and get it from the kitchen unit. Fuel tanks must be filled with fuel and used in calculation of percentage of remaining fuel.


I don’t know if this is the right place to ask about mainlined mod content, but it would be really cool to be able to make an amphibious vehicle with the boats mod. Maybe add a “Switch Control Scheme” menu to vehicles that would work like “Switch Engines” where you swap out wheels for boat boards once you’re in water? That way you couldn’t go into a river from land without slowing down, and also it’s just fun to imagine my deathmobile wheels folding inwards, pontoons inflating, and my survivor escaping to open waters. As it is, you can still cross a river with a vehicle, you just need to extend the frame across the river, put a wheel on the end, and rip the whole apparatus apart on the other side. It’s hardly immersive and incredibly tedious to do. This could also be used if you wanted one set of wheels that are good on roads but wanted to swap to a set that’s better offroad.

Separate idea, but slightly related: deployable rams where the logic is they raise like in real life, excavation arms to collect large amounts of rubble/dig large pits/pick up river tiles (this wouldn’t deplete the river tile, I’m assuming rivers are flowing and you’re not taking enough water to affect the current), dump trucks that could hold rubble/dirt/liquid (at very low speeds of course). Depending on where they are placed in relation to the vehicle controls would determine which cardinal direction they deploy at, making multi tile parts like the dump truck move contents smoothly with tiles closer to the controls moving to the next one over until it ends up on the ground/in another vehicle. You could rapidly build dirt banks to work as improv walls but can wash away unless you plant grass on 'em, dig a ditch and place a water tile in it to make a moat, or scatter rubble strategically on the tiles surrounding your base. The construction parts could be prohibitively heavy so you can’t just throw them on a deathmobile, it would have to be it’s own dedicated vehicle. They could be incredibly rare and nearly impossible to craft, and you could add a couple of very rare construction sites to worldgen, one small one in cities, one as a multi map tile next to a road.

I think I know how it could work with z levels: if you dig in one spot long enough, it makes the tile impassable on foot but vehicles can go on it (so you an hollow out large swathes with an excavator), call it a deep pit or something. You then either put water in it to get deep water tiles (maybe need to pour concrete to prevent seepage) or build a “foundation” on the tile, which you can cover with dirt to make it normal ground or put wood on it or pour concrete or whatever to make various types of floors. When the process is complete it hollows out the tile under the one you were working on, thus “moving” the empty space down one z level. The code to affect lower tiles is already in place, just cannibalize the “dig basement” construction code.


@atlaua is already working on amphibious vehicles -


@atlaua is already working on amphibious vehicles -[/quote]


@atlaua is already working on amphibious vehicles -[/quote]

@atlaua is already working on amphibious vehicles -
Mwahahaha [img][/img]


Is it plausible to have modular guns? Different parts would give different stats. Stock, mechanism, barrel kust to name a few parts, that the system could use. The construction could be similiar to the vehicle construction system…


You would be surprised what you could do with the current weapon mod system. The only thing that cannot be precisely modified is aim time and magazine size. But if you made your own weapon modifications you could probably turn a gun into almost anything with the main limiting factor being mod slots and the ammunition in question.


That sounds cool. I guesdsi have not been lucky to find gunmods. But now i plan to head out for another city :slight_smile:


I waa wondering if someone is considering to improve the subway system of the game? Im reading now Metro2033 and the setting has potential.

Also im looking for someobe who could teach me how to mod the game. I wanna make simple additions, plan buildings etc.

Another thing is, that im marketing the game for other people to play, but most of them dont speak english. So i want to do a hungarian translation of the game, including the mods i use. Someone could poibt me to the right direction?


[quote=“secretfire, post:48, topic:5570”]Driving Tutorial.

A start with nothing, as far as the eye can see, and instructions on driving, and infinite gas.

Driving is -damn near impossible-. I’ve been playing with it for an hour, and am no closer to it making sense. I’m on a freaking unicycle, and I cheated myself a driving skill of 10, and it takes an -entire road- to turn about 30 degrees. Its insane. Its by far the strangest driving system I have ever seen. I mean, the rest of the game is great, but I have no idea why so many people on these forums talk about using cars. -nothing turns-.[/quote]

Non-one tile vehichles Help to understand what direction you are facing.
More turn = more turn. The driving is (^) and (V) are change TARGET speed, (<) and (>) change steering tire angle.
Use the direction indicator.
then (.) to move to next turn.
make necesary changes and repeat.

Without a tutorial thats about all I can tell you.


[quote=“Justin Case, post:3732, topic:5570”]I waa wondering if someone is considering to improve the subway system of the game? Im reading now Metro2033 and the setting has potential.

Also im looking for someobe who could teach me how to mod the game. I wanna make simple additions, plan buildings etc.

Another thing is, that im marketing the game for other people to play, but most of them dont speak english. So i want to do a hungarian translation of the game, including the mods i use. Someone could poibt me to the right direction?[/quote]

Driving is easy… there is a yellow “crosshair” when you drive a car. That indicates the direction your heading. When you drive a car, you will see on the HUD the speed two times. One is the current speed of the vehicle, and one is for the speed you want to achive. The more faster you go, the more bigger the turn radius is.


I know i have said it befor so has other but would lovveeeeee trailers or some way to drive a small quad bike onto the back of a pickup truck strap it down and off ya go :).

And also be said befor by me and others inventory system so i could fill a rucksack up and drop it with the contents i have placed in it on the floor befor a fight.

No idea how it could be done but would be awesssomeeeeee.


There’s technical reasons they don’t put hitches in (making vehicles bend is hard).

That’s probably easier to do than hitches. Just make a new vehicle tile that is activate-able and can be driven on. When it is activated it could “merge” the vehicles into one, or disconnect everything but the “strappable” tile into it’s own vehicle. If the part is placed kinda like a ram or external tank (AKA it acts as it’s own frame, the difference is: it counts as a connection point for other frames so you can build off of it directly) you won’t be able to place other parts on it in the vehicle construction menu. The only problem is that when a vehicle is strapped it would actually be part of the other one, so it would need a special flag saying to ignore everything but the weight of strapped tiles that are active (if you load a 50000 lb vehicle onto a 50000 lb vehicle you would expect to see a drop in performance, not suddenly becoming faster because you have twice the engines). That or make a “strapped” copy of every vehicle part in the game with no properties but weight and storage (Much worse option from a mod compatibility and future workload standpoint but easier, if more time consuming, to do. I could probably do this part myself if it’s what gets settled on).

That’s the most elegant way I can think of at least. It completely bypasses the pivoting vehicles problem and seems relatively simple to implement, along with being partially supported by code already in the game. Sadly I lack the skill to do (most of) it myself, I’m much better at coming up with ideas than coding them lol.


Oh wow. Thats a really crafty way of dealing with it. Would it actually work with the current code? Or would it require rewriting something too core to be easily done?


I don’t know how hard it would be to make vehicles be able to pass over other vehicle tiles. The only answer I can think of is making a new “layer” of existence. I think we already have a “vehicle” and “player/npc” layer, and they can move in tandem when you’re driving. It could instead have “vehicle”, “bed”, and “player/npc” and link all of their movement in the same way it already is. The “bed” layer wouldn’t need to be nearly as extensive as the “vehicle” layer is, it would only need one installation point instead of frame/internal/roof/etc like vehicles. This also ensures that you need at least one “vehicle” tile with engine/wheel/etc to move the thing. This could also make bridge-building viable, just make a static “bed”.

This would definitely need some sort of core changes, but I don’t think it would be a huge re-write per se. Most of the code would be able to be scavenged from other bits. Probably. Maybe. I think.


I would love trailers but could totally go for a way to strap vehicles to other vehicles in the mean time. Its really all I want a trailer for anyways besides massive amounts of detachable storage.


This would be awesome.
i could totaly live with out trailers if we had some kind of flat bed tile we could place/drive other vehicles onto :o.