Needful things (simple additions to improve the game)


Unless there’s a reason otherwise, tainted tallow should be allowed as part of an ingredient to clay pots. Whatever poisonous properties they had probably did not survive the kiln process.


[quote=“xironfistx, post:3658, topic:5570”]A vehicle part that is just a steel plate with a slit.
Allows you too see only a narrow cone but is durable[/quote]

Speaking of which, it would be nice if there’s a steel shutter part, made from steel plating, for vehicles. The reinforced glass windows use those, so having a durable curtain for a car would be nice since those curtains easily get torn up.


Blood-soaked rag should simply be a rag(filthy). The recipe to clean it should be removed. Its extraneous, especially with as many rags as we get.

And dead pigs should have a chance to drop “uncured bacon” upon butcher, processed into bacon with a recipe.


A quick butcher/disassemble action would make sense.

Takes a much shorter time to just hack up a body than it does to skin/fillet/gut it.

It takes a lot less time to tear a piece of cloth into bits for loose thread than it does to painstakingly unravel each strand.

I feel this option might offer a tactical resources wasted vs time taken decision for the player to make.


Peepholes should be a lot more common, even if they can’t be made. Most front doors have peepholes.


Also, if both of your legs are broken, riding foot pedals to generate electricity should probably not be allowed, entertaining as it is.


I’m not sure where this falls between “inaccuracy report” and “horrifying personal confession” but, assuming the most commonly prescribed dosage and speaking from personal experience, swallow a handful of five oxycodone does not cause you to die several minutes later. I mean, don’t get me wrong, you probably shouldn’t DRIVE, but you would almost certainly still be alive.

Then again I don’t know what the dosage is on any of the in-game drugs I’ve taken in real life, clonazepam (a diazepam), prozac (fluoxetine), and oxycodone (percocet) because the game keeps it fairly abstracted.


Make firing weapons like miniguns and heavy machine guns from the hip possible with a high enough strength value (which would be something like 17/18+, or ‘mutated/chemically-induced strength’ levels if there’s a different number it’d be balanced at.

Also, allow the same with stuff like power armour. In most games I know about, power armor not only gives defense, but boosts physical attributes. If a straight-up strength bonus would be overpowered, making it count as higher strength for certain tasks would fit the vibe - like in Fallout, where power armour lets you wield those cool gatling things.


Door locks, for buildings and cars. Hand wave the key since it already is in instances of cars. This way we can protect our gear from NPC’s that run through looting everything in site.


Also a freezer.


Make belts cause non-fitting ‘leg’ stuff to act as if it fits, if applicable. Simulates keeping your trousers up.


Some sort of blade trap-like contraption that could be attached on vehicles. The shredder vehicle part on one of the mods, BlazeMod I think, is something similar but that’s more of a vehicle ram. What I was thinking is a sort of trap that you can install on frames on the outer part of a vehicle that’s basically a bunch of spinning blades. When active, it uses up the engine’s power to spin all the blades around, and any enemy that steps on the tile gets cut around and ground up.


The ability to wash clothing in mass from the washboard UI. Sorta like Cut all or Butcher all, a Wash All.


Speaking of clothing, would it be possible to add bash/cut protection info to the amor window ? There’s space left between encumbrance and warmth
(And if there’s stil space just add fire, acid and environmental protection.)

Having a full summary of the stats of your current gear would be pretty useful.


it would be nice if you could ‘cinderblock’ a car. aka do something to wedge it at maximum acceleration even if no one is driving. so you can get a car, line it up with something, cinderblock it and jump out. would be useful for like, say, cracking open the vault of a bank.


Meh, would be wastefull of good cars. You can build cars to smash bank vaults without taking critical damage.


That could be nice. One time for funsies I made a car move at a high speed, let go of the controls, and then go to sleep. Unfortunately, the car slowly decelerated, especially when it hit something. Got about one or two hours of sleep from my survivor before it went to a halt, amusingly because it hit a police car.


Meh, I usually just use a pickaxe if I can’t hack something- the second room in the barracks for labs since mining is the only way to get through that without using stairs, teleporters or the no clip bionic.


Okay this is a needful and simple addition to the game: Buff the M240 to 9 durability.

Also, add detachable rifle scope, bipod and muzzle brake to the Barrett 107.

And add detachable rail laser sight and suppressor to the USP .45 for that Mk23 feel.


As someone who almost always uses it because it’s pretty much free points: nerf the Fled the Riots scenario, points-wise. It’s pretty much 3 free points PLUS starting somewhere with potentially great loot, with the only tradeoff being that you MIGHT get a shocker standing outside. Otherwise you can just run away.