Needed Changes to body removal

The new pest system is pretty neat, where rotten stuff build invites pests to show up, and begin growing if left attended. I’ve noticed some issues when trying to clean areas up to prevent pests. Moving dead bodies is a major pain, with their volume so large, I have to waste time cutting them up, then moving the parts to a fire. We really need the ability to grab/drag corpses around, so we don’t have to go around to the 50 dead zeds we just smashed, cut them up, then relocated everything.

+Need ability to drag/grab dead bodies
+Perhaps some kind of bonfire construction that can be auto built with bodies in area
+Maybe a meatwagon, a cart with high volume but can only take bodies.
+Is roach away out of the question? I notice we can burn roach mounds, but can’t smash them

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The advanced inventory manager ( / by default I think) makes it a lot easier, but only for moving things short distances. You might be able to use the item pile sorting mechanic to shift a bunch of bodies into a pile too, although I rather like the specific option of telling your character to pile up all nearby bodies.

Was there not an update implementing hauling mechanics? I bet I’ve seen some news about it.

AIM is what I use. Set it to show all nearby tiles, fitler for corpses, press , and eight tiles of corpses get moved to whatever ninth tile you specified.

Theres a very new “haul” feature, check your keybinds if you have a very recent build. Stand over a pile of items, hit the keybind, then walk to your destination, while haul mode is on it will automatically move items along with you.

You can also set the whole area as a “loot” zone with the zone manager, then set a “corpse” pile somewhere and trigger loot sorting, it automates moving the items to the destination.


Sweet, haven’t noticed the haul thing, thats pretty much what i wanted, a drag feature for when i can’t bother to set up zones even though they are useful.

Ooh, will definitely have to try that haul function. Doing the AIM shuffle works, but gets pretty tedious for any significant distance.

Gotta get my toasty zombie bonfires a burning. Those greasy columns of black smoke are the signs of inevitable progress!

Err, except for the part where zombie respawns seem pretty aggressive these days… Maybe we can use them for fuel or something?

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Missed this thread. Nice necro. Anyway. Still need grabbing corpses + hauling their stuff on them in one go as though they were a grocery cart. Would be nice. Just my opinion.

ala: G and move zed.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand how this is any different than hitting haul and moving?

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I would assume because hauling all the clothing that fall off the suddenly naked zombies makes the process slower.

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