Dragging Corpses

Is there any way to drag corpses? I haven’t seen any in any of the menus or help screens, and it is really annoying when an NPC corpse is stuck in a dissector and you can’t butcher it :(.

The advanced inventory menu (it’s on the / key by default, and be sure to hit ? once you open it, because it’s complicated) will let you move it to another tile without passing it through your own inventory first.

Thanks! That is very helpful.

I’d like to have this more developed like, if one of those future awesome NPCs see it could become more careful and walk with less noise, or loot it, or run away, depending on the NPC. Also if the corpse is too smashed it could leave a trail of blood wich the NPC could follow yesss

This would make NPC relations so much easier.

And also housekeeping.

I really want something like this to be implemented. This would be fantastic.