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–I hate when I’ve been using a base for a long time and eventually there is literally hundreds of corpses littering the nearby area. I’d love an option that made it so my character would just walk around moving each dead corpse into one single pile just to rid the annoyance of doing it manually. The ability to move other stuff into one pile from many different places nearby would also be a wondrous blessing.

Advanced Inventory Management (the forward slash key) lets you manage everything immediately adjacent to you. When you press it, you are shown two windows. You can use the Number Pad to specify a direction relative to your current position, which would be 5, and everything on the indicated tile shows up in the selected window. Tab switches between the two windows and each window shows the contents of the tile selected for it. 5 specifies the tile you are standing on, “D” is the contents of whatever you are grabbing, and “A” is the contents off all adjacent tiles, except the one selected in the other window, grouped together in the selected window. Use the “,” key by default to move all items in one window to the other window. This can allow you to move all corpses in tiles adjacent to your character into one tile, then move them one tile at a time somewhere else.

It’s not quite automatic movement, but it does save a bit of time versus manually picking up each one and dumping it where you want to. I think corpses do eventually disappear on their own however, courtesy of biological decay, so you may just be able to wait.

Alternatively, you can weld a cargo carrier to a shopping cart frame and run around town yelling, “Bring out your dead!”

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Vormithrax has a nice tutorial on using the Advanced Inventory Management screen, if you are a visual learner.

This is why I butcher corpses. The bones aren’t as big of an eyesore, and the tainted meat rots away and disappears reasonably quickly. Plus, you gotta level survival somehow :slight_smile:

-I know what advanced inventory management is, does it allow you to auto-move your character to a different location however? Not that I’ve found. I want the player to move a corpse the next tile over, more the next tile over, move the corpse the next tile over and so on till it reaches the destination with minimal button pressing.
-I’m often to busy to be forced to 'b’utcher every single corpse since it takes longer to do, and there is constant (albeit small) stream of zombies walking towards me due to wander spawns. Does make the game a tad more interesting however with wandering monsters.

They did add an auto-butcher and auto-pulp feature recently. That plus the advanced inventory is the way I do it… just make sure to turn off auto-butcher, or be careful while having it on if Z’s are around. I put move all on 0, instead of comma, so I can do everything with one hand. Hope that helps, but I know it’s not exactly the answer you’re looking for.

Can you make a macro to automate the “moving the corpses via Advanced Inventory Management” part? That would probably require having all of them in adjacent tiles first, but it would be less work than it takes right now.

There already is a hotkey for that, if they are in adjacent tiles to your character… it just only moves it to another adjacent tile. I think what they want is for it to open the AI, select everything around you, move them to a tile, close the inventory window, move their character, open the inventory, move all again and repeat for however many times is needed(not sure how it would know how many times is needed though). I guess you could add a macro that does it for a couple tiles, through auto-hotkey or something like the Logitech software that comes with mouse. Just have a button that triggers all of those commands one after the other, while having the setting for the AI to open to the last one used as well as close the AI on move all. So I guess it would be something like (/) + (,) + (6) + (/) + (,) to move everything for two tiles east. Maybe that’s what mentos what actually trying to say, and I just didn’t understand at first.

AI=advanced inventory… not artificial intelligence… for this post. Just in case.

edit: added some words

–That is how you do it right now. But the thing is I don’t like the annoying manual thing were you move the stuff, walk to the next part, move the stuff, walk to the next part and so on. Even more so since lots of time I need to move many things all at once. While it doe shave significant debuffs I will sometimes just carry the corpse in my hands if that’s all I need to move since it is faster, but that is also super annoying. I like to burn whole corpses since from my experience it burns longer than when you butcher them.

Can you record and play macros within the game, or do you have to use a 3rd party solution?

I certainly don’t have any suggestions better than rebinding the move-all key in the Advanced Inventory Management window and then moving a step, or using a 250L cargo carrier cart. I would personally be more likely to use the cart AND AIM, but either way, cleaning up is just as much of a hassle as in real life.

That’s what I meant. I probably should have specified a little better. I didn’t think about keying it to a mouse button though. That’s clever.

This is the part that the macro would automate. You wouldn’t have to manually move because it would be repeating the input for you. It wouldn’t make it take any less time (game or IRL), but it would require less thought and effort.

I don’t think the game itself has any feature for that. A third-party software is probably necessary to do it.

Yeah, I hate it when I come in to work and there are corpses everywhere. Cleanup takes all day.

Are there any vehicle parts that could do this? Something like the reaper, except that it picks up everything you drive over and dumps it into an attached cargo carrier, or just butchers it?

There is a scoop you can put on vehicles that will pickup and hold items… I think it is only 50L though. Not sure if it is vanilla or from blazemod though.

I’m far too new to know for sure, but those street sweeper drones would probably work. It’s an interesting enough idea that it threatens my workload for the day with the desire to try adding an engine and a driver’s seat to one.

Not sure about auto-hotkey, but for the logitech software I believe you can add a macro that uses the keyboard too (I was just using it as an example, as it’s the one that comes with my mouse). I’m sure some of the more advanced users here might know other programs/ways that you could record macros also. Or could even write some sort of script to do this, but it’s kinda like having a bot play the game for you.

A spike-mounted street sweeper fortress of death! Quick, someone think of some zombie-related street sweeper wordplay! Corpse cleaner? Stiff sweeper? Body broom?

I’m not sure what you mean by “lots of time to move many things at once”. Are you aware of the move all command that moves everything from one tile to the other? I hit ( /) on my keypad with my middle finger, (0) with my thumb, and 6 with my ring finger… as i said I added zero as a hotkey for the move all command.

I made this 25 second video(no talking) to show you what I mean.

If that is what you’re already doing then, my bad, just ignore me. I just wanted to be sure.

How about “cadaver grabber”?

Nice. It rhymes and it demonstrates the purpose unmistakably.

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I’m 99% certain I’m already doing what you are talking about.