Need some advice to consolidate in game drugs

So yeah… I have a whole lot of heroin. How do I consolidate it into 1 single container of many doses instead of 10 bags of 2-6 doses?

You can just carry a pile of heroin with no container at all. Or rearrange it so you have less bags filled to the brim.

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Can I unload the herion to one big bag?

Thanks, I didn’t think of that. I’ll give that a shot.

Don’t think you can actually but powders into bags yet, but you could just carry around a gigantic pile of loose heroin without any issues. Suspect someone will change that at some point, but for now it works.

Yeah, just checked and didn’t find any way to put solid objects in empty bags, my bad.

To bad we don’t have those containers for Peanut Butter filled Pretzels. Those plastic mini jugs are flippin cool to reuse(after you washem and sterilize them).

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Now I want someone to create The Container Store in-game.

That would be a nice store in a mall. I can see that really being a thing. Especially adding in those plastic mini jugs and adding in plastic/metal tote bins.

A container to add objects for ease of transporting lots of items

Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large bins.

Medium Bin(contains):
-more items
-more crap

Keep all the stuff you need in bins for a specific project. Grab the bin instead of every individual item for the project. Like all your cooking stuff. If you decide on moving. Just grab it and go instead of 50k items.

Oh and keep all your drugs in one small bin…but I think this needs to be linked with We make Terrible Ideas…which it doesn’t seem to let me >_>

I just want to keep all my heroin in one bag…

lol, I never thought I’d say that sentence out loud.

Maybe add a recipe like for bundle of rags? x amount of drugs + 1 large bag for a large bag of drugs, not sure if you could use it like that though.

First, that would be uncomfortably like every closet in my home, so that seems like a good idea.

Second, now that moving every single object in a stack takes time, there actually is a pretty big need for these kinds of container items. I accidentally tried to haul all the chitin I’ve taken off cockroaches, and suddenly it was 4 hours later.