Need Broken Cyborg tips

I’m running the broken cyborg start and I feel that this start has potential.

Found a safe autodoc (it was in my starting basement - had to flee the other broken cyborg temporarily but I managed to escape the town to a previous characters shelter, collect their fallen items and storm the town and took my house back). Also have the anesthesia kit.

Managed to get my skills up to First Aid 3, Electronics 3, Computers 1 due to the books in the shelter.

Problem is that the reading has left me Dead Tired and the acidic discharge keeps waking me up, so my Int stat is pretty degraded. My failure for removal of the acidic discharge is at 96 %.

So what is my plan from here? Keep trying to sleep until I’m rested, or do I need to keep grinding my skills higher?

Save scumming will work eventually, of course, but I assume you’ll want to do it legitimately.

I’d try to get hold of sleeping pills and keep grinding skills. I’d also try to ensure there are enough sleeping pills to prepare for the operation (i.e. not use all of them during the skill grinding). I would also want to have a nursebot assist, but the chances of that are very low (if I understand it correctly, you need to find both a doctor’s badge and a “sane” nursebot hanging around a working autodoc). I suspect an “insane” nursebot will only remove one of the few working bionics, not any of the faulty ones, but that’s just a guess from seeing released broken cyborgs being attacked.

an ‘insane’ nursebot can and will remove faulty bionics, but thats just a side effect… it rips any bionics out of you at random.

in your current situation wayland, I’d look for an npc to assist you, which would bring your chances of success up even if they don’t necessarily have the skillset.

Fortunately there is an NPC I can recruit, unfortunately I have to kill a Jabberwock to recruit them. I have enough military rounds I think to risk it.

And sleeping pills is an interesting thought to deal with the acidic discharge waking me up - time to pick poppies if I don’t have them already in my medical supply stack.

What about adderall to improve INT?

Drugs improving stats is probably a good idea (in moderation). Again, it might be used for book cramming, but I’d save some for the removal procedure(s).
My character hasn’t used any drugs beyond light pain killers and cough syrup, though, so I have no first hand experience.

I believe you can try to recruit NPCs multiple times if you fail, with some timeout (once per day?). I can’t swear there isn’t a critical failure possibility (turning the NPC hostile), though.

Just an update.

I managed to get my companion after Jabberwock hunting with my vorpal M17, but it didn’t seem to affect my failure chances with the autodoc.

No matter, I did find CS101, so with that and the CS301 I already had I have my skills up to First Aid 3, Computers 5, Electronics 3. Raided one bookstore to no usable books, and the second one I know of has a Shocker Brute right next door.

I do have stats increases through kills, so I’ve boosted my INT stat twice to 11. My guess (I have been recovering from a shotgun blast to the chest due to a survivalist house) is my success against the acidic discharge is 30%. Getting closer. I can also get my companion to train me in first aid, so I’m heading to the auto doc once I get First Aid 4.

My main concern is that I just found fitting rollerblades, and this always means I’m going to die soon (I just love roller archery, and that always gets me in trouble)

New update and closing…

I got a mission from my NPC to go a town over and take out the leader of a zombie horde. So I biked on over with a modest arsenal.

The town also had a library. That library had books to take my first aid, computers and electronics to 8.

I should have headed back.

Instead I took on a hotel horde with a zombie master. I took out the zombie master (molotov, shotgun and fancy bike riding)

I decided to smash corpses and got surrounded and couldn’t get the bike moving.

I’ve reached the point where my characters survive just long enough to be painful when they get mobbed due to my fault.


oof… rip~

it happens, but every failure is a lesson on what not to do next time!

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I’m clearing out starts hanging around that I didn’t like at the time, so currently I’m playing a prototype cyborg (which is even worse, and I only have a 6 INT to boot). Trying to fight my way through a lab hoping for an auto doc at the end…