Broken bones

How do you deal with them?

I ask because my most recent, and longest living, character, ZZ Top, walked right into a hail of turret bullets at a military outpost, and had his arm crippled. It only takes one arm to use Katana, but its still a problem. Its not going to kill him, because ZZ Top will never stop being awesome, nor will it ever die., but its still an inconvience.

You must craft splints in order to heal broken limbs.
However, I think it might take a month or so, my “Awesomium IV” had to wait an entire season (91 days) to recover his leg.

I believe there’s also a risky automated medical treatment available in hospitals that can help.

I think a season is only 14 days by default.

[quote=“Sheb, post:4, topic:2843”]I think a season is only 14 days by default.[/quote]it can be changed in options. i generally lengthen seasons to 20 days, though i’m tempted to change them to real life lengths. anyone know if that works out any better gameplay wise?

Yeah, I swap them to 20 days too. I know time in cata is compressed a tad, but 14 days for a season feels a bit too short.

Turning them to real life would basically mean you only ever experience Spring and maybe some summer. Who plya for over 100 days?

[quote=“Sheb, post:7, topic:2843”]Turning them to real life would basically mean you only ever experience Spring and maybe some summer. Who plya for over 100 days?[/quote]i do!


FYI: Using a splint is necessary but not sufficient for good healing, it heals much faster if you get lots of sleep, eat healthy foods, etc.

Eh, took a nap with an arm splint, was back to full in three days. And during those three days, the turret that protecting the farm/feeding my character had been blowed up by wolves/.

In mother cataclysm, turret don’t blow up wolves, Wolves blow up turret.

What version introduced broken bones? I have 7.1 and I can craft splints but I’ve never had a broken bone even when a bear tried to eat me and had several body parts on Red.

Broken bones are what you end up with when the hp of one of your arms/legs reaches 0.

Ahh, I see. I thought you actually lost the limb if that happened since I remember seeing someone post about it being irreversible.

Before .7 the only way to reverse it was with the stem cell treatment machine in the hospital, now craftable splints can also reverse it.

Stem cell treatments are fairly new too. Limb destruction was permanent at least until .2 or so, IIRC.

Personally, I think the splint being able to regenerate limbs at 0 is a bit outlandish. Your arm is gone at that point. There’s no arm to mend.

At this point, it’s not chunked-off so much as Broken. Theoretically was Broken earlier. Used “destruction” as shorthand for 0HP. Sorry for the imprecision.

That’s lousy. From really low health, like 5-1 health, you ought to require a splint to hold anything or to heal properly so you’re not constantly in pain. But at 0 health, it ought to be gone.

On the flip side, there ought to be artificial arms and legs, like bionics.
Let’s say you put on the metal alloy CBM. If you don’t have an arm, you ought to get a metal one.