What skills depend on bionic removing?

I imagine first aid matters, since you are cutting directly into your flesh after all, maybe computers too? In any case, I’d prefer to know which things to focus on training since I want to get rid of my Leaky Bionic ASAP

First-Aid has the highest weight, then comes Electronics, and Mechanics is tertiary.

Intelligence is by far the most important factor, however, so you should not only avoid intelligence penalties when attempting, you should look for stimulants to boost it wherever possible. The most effective stimulants include Coffee and its Atomic Variant, and Adderall, which is the absolute best boost, but if you take more than two at a time, you’ll get penalties for overdosing on them. The penalty for OD’ing on Adderall probably won’t kill you, but it will knock INT down a bit, making your odds worse.

If you succeed, let me know how it goes. I used to play Broken Cyborg in the Wilderness a lot, but the change in Leaky Bionic makes it unplayable now, because not only do you not heal after Day 1, Acidic Discharge does constant damage, and there’s the Itchy Metal Thing.

Thanks for that, although just to mention I’m the Cyberjunkie not the Broken Cyborg. I already heard that it was nigh unplayable since you need unrealistic luck with books and first aid kits.