Necromancer resurrection causes monster upgrades

Version: 0.C-7811-ga6f14ef

While fighting with a necromancer around, I noticed that when a monster gets resurrected, it sometimes upgrades. <-- the image includes the log which shows me killing a feral hunter, then the necromancer resurrecting a feral predator from the corpse. All other dead bodies were butchered before I lured in this pack of zombies, so it could not have been a corpse of an existing predator. In a previous pull, there was a zombie that became a zombie master.

It isn’t every resurrection, as zombie soldiers don’t seem to upgrade. I tested this by killing it and letting the necromancer resurrect it over and over.

I don’t know how the necromancer works, but I think this situation happened to me as well. By resurrecting a regular zombie, it got upgraded to a bomber IIRC.

It might be intended.