Zombie Necromancer, how do they work ? [LORE]

Zombie Necromancer were intially part of a mod (afaik) and were then moved to the base game. My question is : since the zombie are made by the blobs how do the Necromancer raises them again from a distance ?

Shouldn’t they be re-flavored in something more align with what zombies are ?

They emit concentrated radiation streams that only effect the blob to restimulate it into reconstituting the host form. Thereby causing immediate resurrection. Or some shit.

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Araki told me that “it just works”.

Not an official answer, but the one that could make sense:

Blob can be remote controlled by necromancers (in similar way how triffid and shrooms work), using this power he can inspect why zombie got killed and order blob to mend the fault.


blob have overminds right?[/spoiler] following the same logic wouldn’t it be possible that the necromancers mind has been enhanced to [spoiler]forcefully control the blob into movement rather than focusing on reconstitution same goes for the master who with a bit of meta knowledge seems to be more intelligent and purposeful almost equal with an uninfected