Suggestion: Necromancer Cooldown or Exception for Other Necros?

Did a bit of searching and didn’t see this addressed. Was a little annoyed when I fought two of them and one would raise the other as soon as he died. Perhaps a cooldown to their resurrection ability or prevent them from raising other necromancers. Other solutions may be kills on a crit mutilate a body enough to prevent returns. There are solutions in vehicular zed-slaughter or explosives or running but it seems a bit contrived. Thoughts on this? Maybe your philosophy is that it’s fine as is. Love the game. Thanks. Let me know if I’m in the wrong spot for this suggestion.

I believe there is a cooldown of sorts implemented, they should be able to resurrect them repeatedly a few times, then afterwards there should be a lot longer in between resurrections.

So basically the Archvile problem. Nice. :V

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If you notice bugs or stuff like this let us know anyway or have a good suggestion let us know, more info is always good.

In this case necros are usually pretty rare so you shouldn’t run into this a lot-- (although spawns in the experimental at the moment are borked atm so you’ll see a lot more specials than usual.)

Zombie evolution is a likely contributor as well.

In any case, I do wonder if it’s possible to add code so that necromancers can self-revive like all undead, but can’t be revived by reviver monsters.

And on a different tangent, I wonder if the code can be altered so that the Disables Zombie Revivification mod doesn’t neuter necromancers…ah! I have a solution to both issues.

We could split the REVIVES token into two different tokens. The standard REVIVES token would only allow self-revival, while an additional CAN_RAISE token would allow the monster to be revived by necromancy.

To solve the first issue, necromancers could be given REVIVES but not CAN_RAISE, whereas most zombies will have both tags. This also makes it so that the disable reviving mod, since it removes the REVIVES token, won’t affect zombie necromancers, without the need to change that mod’s LUA code in any way.

Zombie necromancers lose a large portion of their speed whenever they raise anything. Eventually, it reaches the point where their speed is too low to raise anything. Incidentally, their low speed also makes them easy to kill. They regain a slow amount over time, so they will wear themselves out, but if you leave them alone for a while, they will start to get their ability back. This is something that has already been fixed and it really doesn’t need another fix.

In any case, I’m on it. The derp dragon derps again.

Thanks for the info and work guys. It wasn’t obvious to me that the CD was happening but that’s good to know. Old character died but I’ve actually run into this in two different towns on my new character. I am playing experimental though. I’ve been looking at older github/design discussions. Have specials been overdone for awhile or is this something that will be cleared in experimental soon? The number of spitters/predators is crazy.

The evolution rate still needs a bit of tweaking I think. What season is your game in?

And naturally, of all the feedback the PR has gathered so far, literally the only person to object to the entire concept has been Kevin.

EDIT: That was rather quick. Though having Coolthulhu elaborate on what best to do with this is reassuring.

Nearing the end of spring.

Sorry about the PR but I guess it’s all down to philosophy. I take it from the convo that necromancers are intentionally excluded with no rez as it stands and the mutual rez is preferred.

Quick question- I know butchering takes awhile - is pulping faster in terms of disposal? If the coup de grace that is butchering didn’t take several rounds of combat this wouldn’t be as rough but maybe I’m playing it wrong.

Right. While the PR was unfortunate, my annoyance there was due to something more specific than the general issue of the PR being shot down.