[Bug] Resurrected zombies provide another drop

This is relatively minor, and I’m not sure if it’s been reported yet, but i’m pretty sure that ressurrecting zombies get another set of tattered clothes/empty weapons/random tools as if they were another creature entirely. This could be exploited to get more ‘drops’ or grind your weapon/dodge skills by killing the same zombie over and over.

Are you sure? I haven’t seen a necromancer lately, but I’m quite certain zombies that resurrect due to age do not have a new set of tattered clothing. Also, based on the fact that the necromancer resurrection code calls the exact same function, I’d be inclined to think it’s no different in that regard. Are you playing the stable build or nightly build? As for exploiting zombies as target practice, you can easily run around and find some squirrels or rabbits to practice on. There’s no shortage of targets in this game. Waiting around for 6+ hours for some zombies to respawn so you can practice on them will probably result more skill rust than gain.

I just tested; necromancer raised zombies do not have a new set of clothing or tools.

Yeah, I’d be inclined to let players use zeds for target practice if they’re so inclined–that’s what Focus/XP covers. Multilooting would be a Problem…but apparently it’s not actually happening.

i can confirm this one, when walking through town in 0.6 every zed i killed and looted revived with more equipment.

Maybe those are just different zombies coming the town. I can swear that i have never seen any zombie revive with his clothes and i once drove through a city with my car killing 100+ zombies (It was all just a bloody mess) and not butchering a single one , when i returned i drove them over again and none of them dropped any clothes or anything , all the stuff was still at the last place i killed them.

No this is really likely, the items really are handled as a “drop”, they’re generated when the zombie dies. I think there might be an override that gets set when a necromancer raises a zombie, and we forgot to set it when we have a zombie self-rez.
What I really want to do is have the stuff appear on spawn, and you can see what the zombie is wearing ahead of time. This requires re-working how persistent zombies are handled, right now if you leave the area and come back, you get a whole new set of zombies, but they’re the same type as the previous ones and in the same locations. To do what I want we’d have to save the actual zombie so HP, conditions, items would also be persistent.

it doesnt really bother me, i usually dont pick them up unless i need rags xD