Hey peeps, Ima hipster now.

Anyway to my point In the experimental the one i play there are still’s and vats and moonshine is the easiest to make, So i started to grow wheat after that i realized you need yeast and the recipe for it was yeast wort, So i brought up cheat’y cheat’y mode commonly know as debug and looked up yeast wort because i had no clue what it was but nothing came up besides sealed yeast culture. Anyone have any ideas or clues because my beer guzzling old man WILL NOT GO WITHOUT HIS MOONSHINE TONIGHT SO HELP HIM GOD.

  1. You don’t have to make a topic for every question. Look in the “Tips, tricks, and newb questions” topic.

  2. I hate hipsters. But I might make an exception for you.

  3. Go look in the gardening buildings in town or liquor stores. We have yeast, I’ll tell you that.

Thanks, But i was thinking in the way of renewable yeast like soaking grain in water which in real life creates yeast. Well to the coding cave dadadada batman theme.

Yeast is a single celled organism. If you could “create” it using only water and grain, I’d be impressed.

You can, however, culture an already existing sample using those 2 ingredients, and such is already in the game.

sorry bout that my mistake hopefully the food gods will forgive me, lol thanks for the info tho