Can't find Yeast!

I can’t find it anywhere, and the Item Locator page says sealed yeast culture doesn’t spawn and has no entry for just yeast. Where can I get yeast to get started??

Being honest, this as the same as with the pocket watch, is just luck, but i tend to find it more commonly on cabins or rural houses(maybe licor/brewing stores too, not sure on this one), that in the urban ones

I find it any old spot where flour spawns, that is to say where preserved food spawns in a house. Pretty sure some fermenting recipes also produce yeast as a by-product

Then I definitely have the absolute worst luck!

Thanks, I’ll give it a try there.

Here is the catch: try and find one that doesn’t require yeast as one of the components.

That’s my issue, but go figure a house I just raided had both a gold watch AND a bit of yeast in it!

I also do not understand lockers, as some locations I dismantle them in are now giving keys, but others are not, and it’s not like newly generated versus not. Same area of town even. Very confusing.

Vinegar I think? Last time I did vinegar I remember making some yeast

I’m still trying to find vinegar … -.-

You don’t need to find vinegar to get yeast. You have to make it. It’s super simple.

For some reason I thought fruit wine used to not require yeast, but double checking it in the item browser it seems that now it does, so vinegar is your only option on this one as far as I’m aware.


Oh you’re awesome lol, thank you.

No problem, happy to help!

Turns out I need to HAVE vinegar to make vinegar … or more to make the acetic acid that vinegar actually is to distill more of it. Which is made from the vinegar.

You should be able to make unfermented vinegar from basically any alcohol, then when you set it in a fermenting vat and let it ferment (takes less than a day) you’ll get yeast when you harvest it.

Hmmm don’t seem to be able to, but maybe it’s in a book?

All liquor stores have like 100 yeast laying around on the counter.

I’ve got RNG yeast spawns in kitchen areas.

Wait, why do you specifically need a box of yeast to ferment things? The stuff’s floating in the air.

Prison wine is made by keeping sugary liquid in a bag in a warm place. It’s shitty, but it’s still fermenting…

Fruit wine used to be made without yeast, and produce yeast as a byproduct, but it was changed:

Yeah… Tried that a few times in real life (even though not in prison), it always turned into vinegar.

Yeah, sadly, the recipe for unfermented vinegar requires one of two book (The Vinegar Maker's Handbook or Winemaking for Beginners).

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Thought so. I usually used fruit wine to get yeast when playing innawoods.

Fermenting vinegar better reflects the environmental capture of yeast though so this change does make sense.

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Don’t forget Homebrewer’s Bible! It’s good book to find