National Guard Base Landmined

So I make my way through the fencing and concrete and the trees…theeeeennnnnnn my vehicle drives over a land mine INSIDE the base. Then I limp my way a little further inside onto a road, thinking it was a mine near the mined perimeter. It was to my annoyance to completely blow up the the left front portion of my military armored vehicle.

Is this a new thing that the INSIDE of the National Guard bases are now mined? Maybe just a strange bug in my game?

I would hope it was not a deliberate addition to these base areas. As that would be completely illogical in a base that would normally have hundreds of humans and even animals(guard dogs?) roaming the landscape of such a base.

Once again. I’m totally cool with the perimeter. This was INSIDE the base it self. Surprised me a fair deal since it already has patrolling homicidal robots every where.

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