My vehicle got sent back in time

when i lost my vehicle in a city further up on a game and saved for the night when i got back… then when i head back to the hws i stop at a fema camp that i cleared to sleep the night, and what i find is my roller in a previous state of 2 less broken upgraded solar panels 32% fuel from 31%… and not on the last place i noted where it was… im putting a tracking device on it and hopefully time doesn’t paradox again.

Huh. I’m having difficulty parsing that first sentence, specifically the “city further up on a game”. If the city was just to the north, yeah, sounds like a saving issue. However, I’m wondering if you reverted to an earlier save or something based on the “further up on a game” thing.


Were you traveling at 88 mph?

Closing the window without saving can cause this. Sometimes I like to plow my vehicle into things for fun, but don’t want my inevitable death to be permanent.

No argument there, but I ruled that out based on the “saved for the night”.

And welcome back; haven’t seen you in a while.

No argument there, but I ruled that out based on the "saved for the night".

True, but it’s possible to go on a spree like I mentioned, close Cata, reload your save, then save & quit. I know it’s possible to end up with several time travelling wrecks in a savegame this way and not even notice until you run across one of the locations you died. I’m pretty sure it only happens if you die and get partway through viewing your stats for that life. I assume Cata is creating a bones file which gets loaded into the world.

I would say it’s more of a consequence of mild savescumming than a bug, but I don’t know for certain that this is what is causing Catfoodbob’s issue.

Thanks for the welcome, I like to check in on Cataclysm DDA every few months to see what’s new. :slight_smile: