My Sweet Cataclysm

So I’ve googled it and search in here, and I can’t seem to find an actual “homepage” for this mod. So can anyone tell me what it’s about, and what the trait “made of sugar” does, because there’s discover as you go, and then there’s idk what is happening but i’m dying and have no idea why.

There’s no homepage because thz mod is comes with the game and is devlopped and hosted on the same github.

Ok so spoilers aheab about what Made Of sugar does

Being wet kills you slowly, you have a small natural armor against bash and cut, getting fatter increases your max hp, you can’t use CBMs, you can’t mutate, you can only eat junk food and stuff made of sugar, you don’t need to drink, you re immune to radiation and to ilness, you have no natural healing, you can only heal by using caramel ointment, you can’t use most medical items like aspirin and bandages, your hidden health is constant, candy monsters want to eat you and zombies ignore you.