MSYS2 and Makefile: getting cpp files to update every time

I’m playing with the source code and trying to edit the .cpp files. I go and build with this: make CCACHE=1 RELEASE=1 MSYS2=1 DYNAMIC_LINKING=1 SDL=1 TILES=1 SOUND=1 LOCALIZE=1 LANGUAGES=all LINTJSON=0 ASTYLE=0 RUNTESTS=0. The result is that the JSON files update and I see changes made to them, but no changes made to .cpp files are reflected in the code when I test it.
Is there one, definitive line I can add to the makefile to make the .cpp files get included? Or is there a better way to test the code in the game environment than building the project every time? I have little C++ experience and none in MSYS2…

It’s also worth noting that if I delete everything and re-create the project, it does read the .cpp files and update the changes. I’d just like some kind stranger to show me how to update it from the makefile, not by uninstalling and reinstalling the whole thing every time.

You have to recompile every time you make changes to the code. It’s inherent in how compiled programming language works.

That said, the make fille should pick up changes automatically. You can run make clean -s to force it to delete the old build files and recompile from scratch, but that shouldn’t be necessary if you’re just changing a file or two.