Adding source files

I have made a few changes to the code. I pulled some stuff out of the game class and put it in a new class. I updated the project for my development environment (MVS2013) to add the .h and .cpp files of the new class.

However, this will break the build for all other development environments, including earlier version of MVS. should I edit the Makefile and earlier vcproject files by hand or should I just rely on the developers of the other platforms to resolve the issue as they come across it?

If the former, what files should I edit exactly? I know there is a makefile, and earlier MVS solutions, anything else?
Also more generally, is there anything else I should know about introducing new source files to the project?


I got an answer on IRC and I’m gonna go with it, unless someone says otherwise:

I can just go ahead and add my changes, and leave a note in the pull request indicating that new files were added.