How do I compile a working version? Explain like I've never done it before

So, I downloaded the source, opened up some CPPs, and edited them. Went to hit “rebuild”, and it waited for seven minutes before informing me of an error or two in the rebuild, and I couldn’t find any sort of folder, file, or .exe that was the fruit of my labor.

I tried with an un-altered cataclysm source, and still, no working compile. What button do I press? I feel like an idiot, but this sort of thing is hard. Harder than altering CPP code, it seems. I can atleast tell what I’m doing with that.

Sounds like you’re using MinGW. I’m a Code::Blocks user so not the same UI.

For mine, I had to add some files to the “project” (the list over on the left side) to include them under the build button.

Then I hit the gear-looking button. It compiles. Takes about 15 minutes on my laptop.

If there’s a dealbreaker, it’ll stop there and tell you in Unhappy Red Text :frowning: . Sometimes the message is helpful. Sometimes it isn’t. Asking on the IRC is a good place for dealing with compile-time problems.

(In general, if you edit a .cpp dile after compiling, it’ll only need to recompile that file. If you edit a .h file, that affects Everything so it needs to recompile everything. Updating the codebase (after a git pull upstream master, see HowToContribute) needs a full recompile too.)

I don’t use linux. I can cargo-cult program CCP, but that’s about it. I want to learn more, but I’m confused, and you’ve got your stuff to do.

Cataclysm should still be using make.