Turrets not spawning on vehicles?

Since this seems to be a problem I’m experiencing myself, I decided to make a post about it. Basically, whenever I find a vehicle that should have turrets mounted on it, it simply has empty turret mounts. Every time. Even if I spawn it in from the debug menu.

The exceptions are for Tank Guns and 30mm Autocannons, which appear when spawned in for some reason.

Anyone have any idea to why this is?

Is that a duplicate?

If you’re asking if this was unintentional, it wasn’t. If you look at the sections, that’s a Garage post, while this is a Bunker post. Originally, I had thought these problems were inherent with the system. But I was told that these were problems I was facing.

So I decided to make a new post, because the nature of the problem (and the problem itself) had changed.

It should be fairly obvious what the problem is when you’re using a broken mod like ascension that uses forked versions of blazemod and PKR that haven’t been updated properly.

I can’t imagine you even being able to load the world without the game throwing a fit.

Yeah, it might b e ascension. I have the same problem with it installed.