More scopes. Possibly add 'raise firearm' command

Might we have more gun scopes and sights in the game / change the existing ones?

Sniper scope (rifles)
Replaces rifle scope. Doubles as 80% binoculars.

This is a high magnification factor scope meant for long-distance shooting. Using the scope will block out much of your view, so exercise caution. If carried on your person, either on a gun or as a loose item, this scope will also double as binoculars although it is slightly less powerful.

Medium-range scope (rifles, crossbows)
“ACOG”. Doubles as 50% binoculars?

Red dot sight (rifles, crossbows, smgs, shotguns, pistols)
(already exists)

Holographic sight (rifles, shotguns)
“EOTech”. Slightly slower to aim than red dot, but more accurate maybe?

Night scope (rifles, smgs, shotguns, crossbows, pistols)
More accurate in the dark. Extended nightvision radius while aiming, making it not-so-convenient night goggles (and less powerful). Possibly maintain extended nightvision for 1 turn after firing to see the results.

Thermal scope (rifles, shotguns)
Show heat signatures while aiming. Allow aiming and firing at said heat signatures.

Gun flashlight (rifles, shotguns, smgs, pistols)
While aimed at a direction during normal aiming, works like a car headlight, but less powerful (much less distance). Do include an on/off switch. Sometimes you might just want to shoot without the light (attracting zombos).

About raising the firearm: I think it’d be cool (or even necessary) to have that as a command, as that would enable viewing the world through the scope. The inherent sight abilities would then come into effect, such as nightvision or thermal, or if it’s sniper scope, it’d block much of the normal 360 view angle, leaving only a 15 degree angle (or however much the car headlight angle is). Using a sniper scope for too long would leave you at risk for something approaching you from the side. You shouldn’t be able to move with a raised firearm, or maybe you could walk but slower, just to prevent the scope benefit from being enabled all the time. Loose wielded scopes without the gun should be useful for viewing as well. So you could give the ‘raise firearm’ command either to a wielded firearm or a scope.

If someone could pull off the gun flashlight, that same limited conical effect could be used for night scope and thermal.

(I might add descriptions later)

Giant “against” from me regarding the “raise firearm” vision restriction. Everything about it is a bad idea.

Speed reduction could work, but it would be better to just limit the benefits. Or possibly ramp up the benefits while standing still and drop them while moving, to avoid the horrible manual toggling but keep the range.

But then, all of that would require implementing energy consumption for gun mods, which is totally unsupported.

I don’t think it would be reasonable to have vision limitations at relatively short range for a scope (i.e. current max range). There’s a feature I have in mind where you can aim at things outside the reality bubble, and that would actually require vision to be restricted, and would also be mostly restricted to rifles.
I’m not going to work on this until we have hordes sorted out though, because we don’t have anything to counter long-range firearms except consistently attracting hordes with loud noises.
As for the various scopes, they’re reasonable in general, but will also be mostly useful for long range firing.

OK, fine. No vision restriction. Normal full 360 view then, but with scope effects?

I never said anything about this. Mostly because I, too, don’t want to fiddle with scope batteries. Let them require no batteries. Or at most require 1 single plutonium cell, and that would last forever.

i kinda like night vision scope idea, we actualy can take more time to aim and during that aiming we should get night vision effect until shoot is fired, you save eye encumbrance caused by googles but what about powering that scope? adding ups need if atached?

and flashlight on gun is not that usefull i think, if we want to save space we have wearable flashlight and bionic flashlight (but ups battery mod for flashlight and ups cbm is far better than bionic flashlight)