0.C g3561037 - Underbarrel laser sight and rail laser sight do nothing

They don’t seem to change the gun’s stats (aim speed & sight dispersion) the same way as holo sight, pistol scope and improved iron sights do, for example. I made sure I had no other sights attached to my gun while checking this. I tried mounting them on at least FN Five-Seven pistol. Not sure which gun I tried the rail laser on but it didn’t work either.

They don’t do anything to the FN Five Seven because it’s sights are already better than 105. I’m not sure why it doesn’t apply the aim speed, that part may be a bug.
I tried both on a double barrel shotgun (dispersion 120, aim speed 2) and after adding the laser sights (tested separately) the dispersion was 105 and the aim speed was 0.

If someone could chime in on the aim speed thing, that seems a bit odd, as though it were an all or nothing calculation…But it’s dispersion assist is so high it’s not going to help out most guns, which makes sense to me.

It’s quite complicated, hard to get from just watching the numbers change.

When aiming, you use the best possible sight.
Sight is “best possible” when it has lowest aim speed (should be aim cost/penalty?). Aim speed increases the time taken to aim.
But sight is only usable if your current recoil is above its sight dispersion.

So if you have underrail laser and improved iron sights, the laser will be used when you have huge recoil (after using a shotgun, for example), then when it gets below 105, you will switch to improved iron sights, then below 60 or so to gun’s “natural” sights.

Ok, I understand what you said, but I don’t understand why it works that way :wink: Thanks Coolthulu.

So that you use the best sight at all times, it wouldn’t make sense for the addition of a scope to slow down the speed at which you can acquire a nearby target for example.

Isn’t that generally how that works irl? You can’t use your iron sights when there’s a scope bolted to the top of your gun.

I guess there’s a bunch I don’t understand then, and/or have misunderstood for a long time. What I essentially wanted was a short-range gun with fastest possible aim and low-ish recoil. Aiming speed 0 seemed so sexy, and I didn’t care much about the accuracy, only that I could squeeze off rounds as fast as possible with non-terrible accuracy. So… laser sights work then?

The fact that the laser sights don’t change the gun’s stats like the other sights do is kind of a problem. It’s an inconsistency, is what I’m saying.

Also it’s bit concerning that the gun’s stats draw only a partial picture. But knowing what I know now, I guess it’s tricky to convey the full picture.

I myself drew the conclusion that only one sight is only ever used, simply based on the fact that you can add sights to a gun and it seemed like some sights override others based on the changes in aim speed & sight dispersion. “Yeah, right, like they would implement any multiple-sight system. Pretty sure that guns take multiple sights simply because they can, and only one of them is used.” I guess not o_O

And that very idea affected my reasoning, too.

It was kind of stunning to read that “best possible sight” is used, as in from a selection of multiple sights on the same weapon. I just… I don’t know what to say to that. On one hand sight-hopping from one to the other is a neat concept in a game like CDDA but it should be limited to something… but then I vaguely understand the complexity and difficulty of putting such limitations.

Could it be possible to have the player maintain control which aiming contraption to use, and then place a duration for switching between sights so that you couldn’t just easily hop between them in the thick of combat? I mean, I would like to be aware of which sight I just used in the shots that I just fired. And maybe I want to try to snipe that rat from a mile away with my pistol’s laser sight instead of the pistol’s scope. :smiley: But yeah, I guess I could just take off the scope…

I think the real problem here is the lack of feedback to the player. There’s just no way of telling that a gun attachment is functioning as designed, or in which situations it’s being employed. I mean, you can choose how much time to spend on aiming but I can’t tell how much exactly and at which points the various other sights are triggered. How much time is a single increment in aiming? The player should have the control to switch between sights same as firing modes. But since we already have the automation, it shouldn’t be thrown away, because surely some others like it.

That depends entirely on your scope mounts. Some will occlude your post sights, but many of them are open enough to let you sight in under the scope, or can be offset by a few degrees so as not to block your view.

That depends entirely on your scope mounts. Some will occlude your post sights, but many of them are open enough to let you sight in under the scope, or can be offset by a few degrees so as not to block your view.[/quote]

So something like this?

Would this entail two sight mods in the game?

Selecting which sight to use would be quite a pain, and there’s no objective best sight, which is why I set it up the way it is now.
We could maybe list the different speed/aim combinations to make it clear that they’re all used.