Where are EAGLEEYED/Scout and binoculars factored into vision range?

I’ve searched through GitHub, but I can’t find any reference for any of those except where they’re initially defined. Testing seemed to indicate an effect, but I can’t find where it’s coded in. I’ve found the night vision codes, but nothing about those two. Are they still working, and if so where?


int player::overmap_sight_range(int light_level) const
    int sight = sight_range(light_level);
    if( sight < SEEX ) {
        return 0;
    if( sight <= SEEX * 4) {
        return (sight / (SEEX / 2) );
    if ((has_amount("binoculars", 1) || has_amount("rifle_scope", 1) ||
        -1 != weapon.has_gunmod("rifle_scope") ) && !has_trait("EAGLEEYED"))  {
        if (has_trait("BIRD_EYE")) {
            return 25;
        return 20;


Download the source and use notepad++ to search with better results.

Also, this is first time I was made aware that rifle scopes can be used as binoculars in the game :slight_smile:

Thank you! It’s weird that git missed that, but I’ll switch to using Notepad++ to search (I already use it for json).