Rifle scopes that double as binoculars or telescope

Why should you have to carry around or wear a pair of binoculars or a telescope if you are carrying around a rifle with a big ass scope. There should be a superior variable magnification scope you can use, that allows both better accuracy than a normal rifle scope, and doubles as a pair of binoculars. Maybe only have it mountable on certain rifles; there are several sniper rifles in game that it could be usable on. The Barrett M82 Anti-Material Rifle is one example.

Ok, first of all, rifle scopes already function as binoculars. I think ACOG scopes and pistol scopes might as well. If it’s wielded, it will function, it might even if it’s not.

Secondly, rifle scopes have 0 sight dispersion. Can’t go lower than 0.

Huh. I honestly never noticed, I always carry binoculars. Even better, it already exists. I’m eating my binoculars first thing next time I play.

You can’t have negative dispersion? Or something to cancel out penalties to ranged accuracy you might be experiencing, such as from wearing arm guards or gloves?

Dispersion is the amount that it will deviate from where it’s pointed. 0 dispersion means the bullet/bolt/whatever travels in a perfectly straight line from the barrel, like a laser. Sight dispersion is pretty much the same thing, 0 sight dispersion means the gun is pointing where your sight is looking, and it has enough zoom that there’s no leeway at long range. A higher power scope would mean you could shoot further, but that would be far beyond maximum range for the game.

The ranged penalties from your gloves are basically you not being able to hold the gun properly or keep it pointed where you want it. It’s not the gun’s fault.

What about an electronic “smart scope”, visor, monocle, or something of that nature that helps to manage the user’s incompetence. Reduced aim time or something similar.

You mean the Targeting System CBM?

Yes, it would function similarly, maybe even in conjunction with it for a slightly higher bonus, but not true stacking. Something for people who can’t find the CBM, or don’t want to go cyborg. I know it took me FOREVER to find that one. I had most of the others I’ve gotten so far (46 active, 22 passive) before it finally dropped the other day. I pillaged a national guard base and like 4-5 labs before I finally found one.

If I remember correctly it just halves all dispersion at the end of the calculation. I’m not sure if that helps with ranged penalties or makes it any faster, but it’s certainly a bonus. As far as something like that for a non-CBM…
How? The kind of equipment you’d need to manage that, it would probably be far easier to just have something attached to your gun that did the calculations, anything else would probably be a nightmare to do. That said, I’m not sure it would actually help any. It won’t stop your hands shaking or slow your heartbeat. Humans are flawed, it’s awfully difficult to overcome some of the things that make them inaccurate.

A gyroscopic stabilization system or similar to keep the rifle steady.

A smart scope could link with the bullet itself. I’m thinking it would require upgrade you apply to bullets, like a chip or something. semi-rare, not able to be fabricated by players.

Perhaps a CBM for the brain or hands and arms to stabilize motion via precise electrical impulses, similar to the brain stimulation treatment for Parkinsons.

Supplement your heart with a pump system. You could have it deactivate your heart and take over, so there is no heartbeat to throw off aiming or have it work as a second heart simultaneously to have better stamina, at the cost of increased bleed damage while this mode is active. If organ injuries ever get implemented, it could serve as a spare heart until yours is repaired or replaced.

Gyroscopic stabilisation probably wouldn’t work. It would either be so strong you can’t actually aim it, or so weak as to not make any difference. How does it differentiate between minute adjustments and your hands moving from your breath?

Expending expensive electronics with every shot? In an apocalypse? Good luck. Targeting computers are a thing even today, projectile motion is spectacularly easy, but it’s not exact in the real world by a decent margin. You couldn’t possibly account for all the wind currents, tiny hand movements, etc. You’re far better off trying to stabilise a person’s hands, and that’s far better done with bionics. Or better yet, a set of robotic arms holding the thing for them.

Stabilising your hands is exactly what the targeting system CBM does, it helps to make you more accurate.

I don’t think anyone would replace their heart with something electronic just for a bit of extra accuracy.

Look, making humans more accurate is difficult, maybe even impossible. The best you could do is MAYBE make them aim faster, and that would just require implants in hands/arm/brain.

There is the “Leadworks gyro-stabilization system system” for the L523-MBR rifle, but I don’t think you can take it off and put on another gun.

I think scopes should help like binoculars a little bit, but a lot of times my binoculars are more powerful than the scope on my gun(irl), but I live on the East Coast in shotgun country.