Why do you play CDDA?

I’m wondering why other people choose to play cataclysm over other games. What does this game have that other games don’t have, and what about it keeps you invested?
These are the reasons I play:

  1. Cost. I’m broke, so yeah. Lol
  2. Graphics: I play on an old laptop, so I like to be able to not have to worry too much about system specs.
  3. Content: the amount of content in this game is startling. The devs and the community do a great job keeping the game full of surprises.
  4. Replayability: No world is the same. You never know what challenges you might face.
  5. Ingenuity: Despite the difficulty of implementing new changes, the game has surprised me with craftible cars, buildings, destructible environments and many more things you hardly see in even triple-A games.
  6. Flexibility: the ability to change the games parameters means you can enjoy whatever kind of world you want. While other games offer limited changes such as difficulty levels, not many give you the ability to go into as much detail as this one.
  7. Mod support: The ability to incorporate mods easily and have such community support gives the game far greater sustainability.
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The depth, the realism, and the vehicle and crafting system.

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Hmm, I forgot about the depth. Nice lol

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No other game can I be a cybernetic mutant school child in power armor killing zombies in my deathmobile with my friends and dog, and still snuggle a teddy bear when I sleep.

I play Cataclysm for several reasons, but most of them are because I’m a nerd.

I’ve been writing zombie fiction since I was eleven or so, and have always loved undead. So, naturally, this is a great game for me. Cataclysm is good for story-telling, which is something I love.

I also worked on creating a zombie tabletop RPG for a while, because I found that so many zombie video games (RPGs in particular) are shit. (Dead state = hot garbage). When I discovered Cataclysm, a big hole in my life was filled. Everything I’d been trying to make into a tabletop RPG was (mostly) already here, mostly fleshed out, and with a pleasant UI to boot.

And finally, because I grew up playing Nethack and Angband and Omega and have a secret love for true rogue-likes.

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More like why i am so addicted I play 5+ hours a night running 36+ characters. So much of everything! Especially scavenging. Dante, my Krav Maga black belt had a to-do list of 23 different tasks i wrote up at work . I’m always telling co workers and family about the crazy shite going down. Easily foresee thousands of hours happily exploring the cataclysm


Telling people about my adventures in cata usually gets me odd looks.

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I like the near limitless freedom in what I can choose to accomplish. One of my first games I was so proud of myself for managing to deconstruct a washing machine and use the parts to build a nail rifle. A game where I have to plan out my actions, make stash houses, and find different ways to macguyver everything together without some weird arbitrary restrictions most games give you.

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Yeah, good zombie survival games are hard to come by for whatever odd reason.

I take pride in telling people I became a supermutant by eating mutated fetuses. XD

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To me this is the closest a video game has gotten to full immersion. It kind of ruined a lot of other games because I just could see how shallow they were. I was telling a friend about it and they said to me “What am I doing playing anything else”. To be fair I do enjoy some great graphics, a good story with ethical dilemmas and streamlined controls, but I find myself going for this game far more than any other.

I don’t run into arbitrary limitations, or situations where the BEST coarse of action is unavailable to me because it would be completely game breaking.

Except for using trees/ parkor to kill from otherwise unreachable places, but I have other games for when I sometimes need that itch (Dying Light), same as I have ARMA Overthrow/ ARMA Atnistasi for when I want to guerilla fight stuff, or shoot things. Starcraft 2 w/ arcade, and Battletech…cover everything else except when I need that fast paced FPS like BF4

Then CDDA replaces some of the social catharsis I got from being in the Tactical Gaming community. With this wonderfull forum.

That covers basically all my potential gaming needs. Everything else is an itch/ story im interested in or just for the fun of it at this point. But CDDA is a good staple to fall back on because of its fast evolution and flexibility giving it exceeding replayability.

That rings very well with me. I have to say I share the sentiment, I just couldn’t put it to words.

Its amazing how refreshing, well If I could just tear that pipe of the wall, or boil this thing, or mix these things I’d totally be able to solve this problem! and then Actually be able to do that is.