More different military vehicles!

DPV(Desert Patrol Vehicle)
BFV(Bradley Fighting Vehicle)
Self Propelled Artillery

I was thinking the DPV would have light frames but military composite armor.

[quote=“HunterAlpha1, post:1, topic:6119”]DPV(Desert Patrol Vehicle)
BFV(Bradley Fighting Vehicle)
Self Propelled Artillery[/quote]
The DPV didn’t really have much armour, I don’t really know how powerful military composite is, but I reckon that Steel Plating would be appropriate in terms of weight and protection. Light frames, maybe with reinforced glass windscreens on some versions.
The Bradley and SPGs will need tracks to be accurate, and the Brad would probably be mostly made of Heavy Duty Frames and Military Composite, the mounting of the turret is a bit difficult, can’t really have one in the middle of the thing, it’ll just shoot up your interior that way.
SPG’s are probably going to need to wait until there’s some form of tank cannon we can mount.

Speaking of heavy guns, would there be any way to implement a new set of vehicle controls called ‘gunnery controls’? It would aid greatly in the creation of military vehicles, because that way you don’t need to rely on carefully placed turrets, instead you just hop in the gunnery seat and choose which gun to fire from.

Maaaybe something… amphibious?

Oh god yes. Get an AAV in the game.

I believe the whole “turrets fuck up their own vehicle” problem has been fixed.

How best to do turrets?
How are the stats for weapons worked out, we’ll need 25mm cannons for the Bradley.

Im going to start on adding the M1127 Reconnaissance Vehicle

Nice! Can hardly wait to see it in an experimental!

Bear in mind that any significant “military” encountered in DDA is the National Guard. Bionic Operators and their zed versions may be retirees or on TDY for whatever reason, but they’re individual exceptions.

As such, military gear (and especially vehicles) should NOT be high-end combat stuff. That’s over dealing with North Korea/the PRC.

Riot control or other law-enforcement vehicles (LRAD, microwave gun, the BEAR or other SWAT APCs, etc) might be a better fit.

AW HELL YE- oh, wait. Wrong thread.

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