Dune Buggy

I’ve always wanted to see dune buggies in game, 90% for cool appeal, 10% for the practicality of having a fast scout vehicle.

You could have two varieties, a bulkier, civilian racing model (possibly based around the game’s existing Beetle/Car, as a lot of them are in real life), and a militarised version similar to those ridiculously Mad Max looking things the Navy Seals use (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desert_Patrol_Vehicle). Upsides are high speeds, a narrow frame that can squeeze between wreckage easier than a car or truck and a comparatively low fuel consumption (they are feather light, after all), downsides are low storage and little to no armour.

Just a thought, anyway, happy to hear ideas/feedback.

what exactly stops you from building your own?

Nothing, but I’d like to see more preset vehicles in-game :slight_smile:

So basically a single seat Bug without quarterpanels then.

When I was adding the XL Frames I contemplated adding a “buggy” vehicle because I decided against it, I didn’t see the point to having a dune buggy in New England.

They are around, their more of a toy then anything… Those kimono, john deer, husquivarna 4x4 things are much more common.

Well, what if it only spawned in desert mode?
Is there a way?