More military vehicle's because REASONS

I got some ideas for me military vehicle’s do yeah

JLTV:(Humvee sized)

Bigger, more resistant,faster and heavier Humvee
Comes with a UPS,2 cargo spaces,2 normal trunks,5 seats and 1 random turret mount

More expensive to operate (uses more diesel and needs a truck battery)

LATV(Humvee sized)

Basically an buggy with armored plates: Fast as an sports car: 4 seats,2 trunks,2 random turrets

No wind shield, uses a lot of gasoline,explodes in one mine

MRAP(half the size of a luxury RV)

10 seats,2 cargo spaces,1 Turret, basically an tank,2 big Diesel barrels

Riot control vehicle

Equal to a SWAT van but it has an sound cannon( that cannon stuns anything for 10 turns and make them deaf )and a water cannon also has some baskets that can spawn the gear of the riot control officer

Armored bulldozer a bulldozer with military composite armor and reinforced windshields

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Look at how the normal vehicles are made. Open a .txt file and see if you can create a design. Design it the same way you would in game.

If anyone likes it after you post it up here. Perhaps it may get into the game as it would be a copy paste thing.

Could happen =D

Thanks ma boi gonna try doing that without fuking up my game

The “Guide to Adding New Content to CDDA for first time modders” includes a section on adding new vehicles. It’s relatively straightforward, so I look forward to seeing your designs.

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