More corpses, more dangers

I have an idea: since it’s a post-apocalyptic world and we just survived in, the game needs more corpses.
For example dead people in cars, houses, biuldings, etc. Just like in labs.
It would be nice if some of this corpses could come back to life if not disposed properly. Not only green zeds but also brute, necromancer and so on.
What do you think?

I like the sound of it.

I don’t feel like having the ground covered in % and having to butcher all of them.



The only problem is that, since items in seats aren’t shown to the naked eye, corpses in seats would be invisible until you tried to drive the car :stuck_out_tongue:

I think by the time you wake up in your evac shelter, most of the corpses had reanimated and became zombies.

The random groups of military/scientist corpses are enough precedent for more of these.

Fair point. I’m not against having more corpses, but scientist and military personnel corpses have their own merits - they are likely the last to die in an apocalypse (military personnel have weapons and scientist are defended) so they haven’t resurrected by the time you see them yet.
More corpse laying around means more butcher/smash - not everyone prefer that. Personally I’d like to see those corpses only appear in special “last stand” locations, for example an barricaded hospital with human corpses and zombie corpses scatter around, or a barricaded and trapped mansion, etc… with few or no supplies left to give a sense that the survivors just ran out of supplies and was overwhelmed.

From what I know of the lore,

  1. The dead military & hoodlums are kinda a loose end- they should be zombies. Scientists may not have been, but yeah supposedly everyone should have revivified.

  2. I think we’ve just emerged shortly after the apocalypse. We missed the big happening, (and you’ll find out it isn’t what you think), but it can’t have been more than a week since.

So, as far as the latter half of the mansion: Firstly, they wouldn’t have had much time to run out of supplies & secondly, why would the player want to explore such a place, (gameplay-wise)? It’d wind up a destination no one visits.

Good point, the survivors didn’t have much time to run out of supply if the cataclysm came so fast - but as you said since they died before supply run out, it means that the player with have an incentive to explore those locations to scavenge whatever left, right? Also, mansions are generally a good place to visit for its various loot (books, plate armors,…).

Lore non withstanding ill like for non reviving corpses on the streets, you know for that cataclysmic feeling of seeing crashed police cars with dead and some zombie cops and similar things

The dead scientist\soldiers\dealers could rise from death at random, like normal zombies do, so that even when approaching dead bodies you have to be careful. You don’t have to butcher\burn all the corpses, you can loot and then escape.

Random corpses being zombies? Like.

More human corpses? Like. Maybe not in car seats, though.

I second this, though we probably don’t want too many of them around. They will be an unplesant suprise to players when they are retreating from a horde only to run into those now-resurrected corpses they thought were harmless earlier.

I second this, though we probably don’t want too many of them around. They will be an unplesant suprise to players when they are retreating from a horde only to run into those now-resurrected corpses they thought were harmless earlier.[/quote]

Well even in post-apocalypse world it’s common sense to stay away from dead things :stuck_out_tongue:

This is something we’ve been meaning to do for a while.
Keep in mind that out in the suburbs there would only be occasional scattered corpses, you wouldn’t see the veritable piles of bodies until you moved into the more densely populated parts of a town.

I like the idea of bodies being indistinguishable from a type of zombie that lays there until you get within a certain proximity of them. So walking down a street littered with corpses could be slightly nerve-racking.

Put One Random Zombie Head In One Random Zombie Bed!

Late at night, Zombie Head, it comes to me it says
"Don’t sleep alone, don’t sleep alone.“
Late at night, Zombie Head, it wakes me up it says
"Don’t sleep alone don’t sleep alone don’t sleep alone don’t sleep alone!!!”


Seconded. Personally, I think all the corpses should either potentially rise as zombies, or have some kind of reason why they won’t (that I’m capable of finding out in-game). If there’s a corpse that’s not coming back because it’s obviously destroyed, that’s to be expected. On the other hand, if there’s a mostly intact scientist corpse with obvious bite wounds, which is old enough to start rotting but is clearly not turning, that’s a clue, and I would very much like the opportunity to investigate it.