Why are there fresh human corpses everywhere half a year into the apocalypse?

I noticed that some of the map extra’s that consists of human corpses in the middle of field always spawn fresh no matter how much time has passed.

So where do they all come from? They are clearly not survivors since they have no equipment on them besides normal clothing or something similar to their profession (soldiers, drug sellers) so most of them must have died before the start of cataclysm, so how are there corpses still fresh even after halve a year has passed in game. They should be skeletons around now. Yet any cannibal could sustain themselves indefinitely just by going around and eating all of the fresh human corpses around.

Definitely an overlooked bug, but also the only thing that makes cannibal a viable pick at this time. Until NPCs are (much) more fleshed out and are more randomly generated then the only longpork you’re getting is going to be off the ground and from the odd bandit encampment/apartment building.

I don’t even play Cannibal, and now I’m wincing at the idea that the corpse drop rate is going to be reduced or nerfed in some way.
But, as a more serious answer…you ever wonder what happened to the people who survived the initial Cataclysm but didn’t get somewhere safe? There they are. They were moving from shelter to shelter, scrounging for food or supplies, or simply taking a walk when they got killed by someone or something. The college kids are equipped for camping, and I’d imagine that a lot of New Englanders go out to the woods - it suddenly seems like a good idea when zombies are hunting for you, but they also lack a ton of food and water. Again, probably died recently while scrounging. . Military and scientists are either hold-outs or arrivals from groups like the Old Guard who just got unlucky.
The drug dealers are the only ones that don’t make a lot of sense, and out of the dead body spawns are the ones that shouldn’t spawn as fresh, but I’m sure there’s a rationale behind that too.

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It’s definitely scenarios that are loaded and spawned as chunks spawn and since the corpses have only existed as long as the chunk even though the world is years old the corpses are brand new.

It is emersion breaking to have a baseball team, coke dealers, and the errant unprepared guy still popping up. The scientists make sense, but it’s weird we never see NPC scientists if their corpses are all that prevalent.

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