Dead creatures don't become zombies - eventual issue or intended feature?

Something I’ve wondered about for a couple of years: is the existence of Human Corpses and the fact that dead animals and until-very-recently-survivors don’t come back as undead versions something that’s intended? Or is this something that some future patch may someday fix and until then we just look the other way and suspend disbelief, like the nonexistence of two-story buildings prior to Z-Levels and so on?

Occasionally being able to encounter and get horribly murdered by the mutated zombie version of one of your previous characters - or kill them to reclaim your surviving gear - would be really cool.

given the lore that animals slowly zombify as the world ages id say some are immune. theres also the lore that the level of blob, per bodymass, within the body affects zedding.

The player’s corpse not rising as a zombie is a missing feature, as per lore it should definitely happen.
Most human corpses should also be raising.

Some scientist and soldier corpses are blob-free due to teleportation side effects, and will continue to not raise

Something I’ve been wondering about: Is anything stopping someone from getting re-infected by the blob after taking purifier or being teleported over and over? Or is this only possible after Mycusing yourself?

It’s pretty much the default, you’d have to take extrordinary measures like avoid all unpurified food to maintain that state.

i used debug to explore the world to not die horrobly not knowing what’s where, and i gott say: the lore is really intresting that i want to read about but ingame… only broblam being i spawned every building in the overworld and… still no mentsion of growing blobs, only how scientists suck at safety

Because there isn’t anything IN GAME that describes the lore. It’s in the design document. There was a recent link with the whole thing reposted in the last couple days, give it a read.

oh… darn, i wanted the lore to be true trasure for becoming xXx_mlg_pro_xXx in the game

There actually is a fair amount to be found in the lab reports and newspapers. Also the emails in the hazardous waste sarcophagus.

If that’s true, then we have to smash the corpses of the numerous wild dogs, coyotes, and wolves that charge and die to us.

This adds much work when in early game one has to travel on foot.