More .50 Cal weapons?

so i just looking around CDDA github, seeing gun JSON and found that there’s only 3 .50 cal
weapons inside (Barrett M107A1, M2 browning and the turret version of M2 browning)

should i make a mod for more .50 cal weapons or should i contribute adding more .50 cal to the github CDDA?

should i make a mod for more .50 cal weapons or should i contribute adding more .50 cal to the github CDDA?

You should contribute, and add them to the base game.

allright then… gonna do what i can for that.

The other two .50s in my game must come from a mod then. There’s a single shot .50 and a modified M2 in my game.

Variety is the spice of life man and I heavily support this.

if I’m going to throw a personal recommendation I would say the M3 Browning. it looks identical to an M2 but it has a 1500 rounds per minute fire rate. that would probably be easiest to do as well since you just be changing values and description.

Good luck to you sir

thanks, this also a good chance for me to learn using github.

Your welcome. If you want any insperation for models inbox me. I know a lot of the more obscure guns in .50 Browning machine gun and could send you pics

May I suggest the GAU-19 Basically the minigun’s bigger and louder twin brother.

sure… i’ll research on that weapon for it.

Screw .50 cal, 14.5mm guns are needed.

You know it’s a big gun when a strength check is needed to cycle the first round.

i also want to add some .50 caliber based machine gun too but i need to learn how to do PR correctly.

after that, i will add more machine gun on much higher caliber.

How many Russian HMGs are there in New England?


Absolutely none that any of the owners are going to cop to owning, that’s for damn sure.

Not enough is the correct answer.

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Not enough to make worth adding. Should be mod content only, along with the an-94 and FA ak74’s.


so my PR finally merged, and i facepalm so hard knowing that i just made 8 commit for my first time PR :rofl:

but thanks to reviewers on github, now i know how to make proper PR in the future.

How many T rex’s are there while we are at it

None (living), unless you use Dinomod

I love it too much to turn it off. Dino mod is legit

Two fallacies in one:

  1. Using the existence of fantastic content to justify the existence of non-fantastic content.
  2. Using mod-only content to justify the existence of vanilla content.

If someone wants to make a “Russian weapons” mod, or a “Kataklizm: temnyye dni vperedi” mod set entirely in Russia, more power to them. But Russian machine guns that are extraordinarily rare in the US do not need to be in the vanilla game.

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