How many firearms are in the game? and is there gonna be more firearms?

i’ve been thinking about firearms in CDDA, because i’ve seen a lot of firearms added into the game (including firearms from the mod added into the game and mod from forum) and i got this question.

is there gonna be more firearms added into the game? real-life guns? or fictional? because every single gameplay i do on CDDA i always love to see new weapons added into the game. it gives that feeling of variety choice like “i have 4 ammo box full of 5.56mm ammo and i found 3 weapons that uses 5.56mm, which one should i choose?” into my gameplay and i love it.

i also want to know how many firearms there in the game (including or excluding mod)? because i want to know how many firearms i could find in game if one day i do some sort of “firearm-focused gameplay”

I’m pretty sure there are a few mode that add more firearms.

  • DeadLeaves’ Fictional Guns
  • Craftable Gun Pack
  • Icecoon’s Arsenal

I suspect some/all of the core content mods would add more weapons as well.

how many firearms? too many imo (i like generic guns)
will new ones be added? likely. lots of gun enthusiasts play the game and are developers.

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Now now, there is never enough Dakka :stuck_out_tongue:


allright. i was planning to contribute to the game by adding more firearms into the game but right now im still learning how to use github (even though i visit github everyday to check on PR)

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check out artyoms gun emporium mod, adds a ton of guns

ohh nice… gotta check it out now