More .50 Cal weapons?

Ok,just give us the 20mm Cannon in the APC’s (cause the Stryker has a model with it)

And the GAU-19 because why not

Russian machine guns (depending heavily on which one) are no more rare than SPAS-12 shotguns, Or mini guns for that matter. and from what I understand about realism New England has stricter gun control than most of the country depending heavily on which state you’re in.

You’re not very likely to find a KORD or a 20mm. But then again you should find an AR-15 or a Remington 870 with in pretty close proximity to absolutely any cop car.

The SPAS-12 isn’t in the base game, as far as I can tell. The similar m1014/Benelli M4 is in the game, but it’s a US military weapon and also popular with SWAT teams. has 5 SPAS-12 available for sale in the US, versus 200 Benelli M4s, 1200 Browning Auto-5, 7000 Mossberg 500s, and 8000 Remington 870s. The Browning Auto-5 isn’t in the game, but should be a relatively common semi-auto shotgun. The SPAS-12 basically shouldn’t exist in the game, which is good, because it doesn’t.

There are 3 Browning M2s for sale on gunbroker right now, versus 0 Russian HMGs. Admittedly, there aren’t a lot of Browning M2s in private hands but there are a lot in US military service. There aren’t any Russian HMGs in US military service.

The 20mm cannon from the Stryker and the GAU-19 would both be welcome additions to CDDA’s gun lists, even if both would be extremely rare.

I feel like if you are okay with finding a GAU-19 the SPAS 12 should not be out of the question. The gunbroker numbers are accurate but a few for sale reflects a lot more in private hands.

Rarest gun I saw for sale online was a WA 2000 for 147k. That not being in the game makes since given it was never really mass produced, but I don’t think variety hurts anything.