MOPP suits? Anyone?mm

So my father sometimes watches me play. He was infantry for many years. He made a neat point. Most of the zombie soldiers should be in Mopp suits . I think these would work like clean suits. Also gas masks should be more common for this reason as well. It was a biological outbreak after all. Thoughts?


yup… that’s perfect point.

the zombies in the game, especially military and researcher, should wearing gas mask and variety of clothes. like military’s classic green and black color and NATO’s gray armor. researcher use lab coat and gas mask.

imagine a military personnel tasked with burning pile of corpses without gas mask… stench…


A gas mask wouldn’t cover the stench of something, it only filters out the chemicals… It would be cool to see something like a MOPP set, but remember that this is 20XX, so we don’t know if there was another depression of sorts, (the U.S. is experimenting on people…) and we know that there is another Cold war in hand, finally we don’t know if maybe the world is suffering from overpopulation too… I wouldn’t blame em for not wearing any chem protection either, dad was in the air force and mentioned with full suit protection, it would only be effective 60% of the time…


Yeah that’s what pop said too. Still…it would be kinda cool. It would just be an outer layer garment in terms of mechanics.


Well, a cleansuit is a single-piece garment. MOPP gear is modular. It would be more akin to the firefighter’s turnout gear than it would be to a NBC suit or something like that. As to whether or not most zombie soldiers should be wearing them, I was under the impression that the Cataclysm struck all at once, with very little time to anticipate what was happening. The blob raised the dead, the triffids sprouted, the mycus invaded, creatures from hell or the nightmare dimension attacked, and everything was complete and utter chaos. Most of the military personnel operating in FEMA camps and the like would probably be Guardies activated at the last minute for a desperate attempt at damage control, wouldn’t really expect them to be kitted out perfectly. The ones from crashed helicopters would likely be in the same predicament, since they wouldn’t have been geared up before landing unless they were dispatched as QRF. Lab soldiers would be hit-or-miss on full kit, depending on whether or not they died while on-shift, so to speak, or while resting peacefully in the barracks.

Either way, more gear is always cool.


now im curious, what is the first thing a military personnel should do if the cataclysm struck in real life? planning is always the first one to do, but what next? supplies and armaments?

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I would imagine it would be the same as any war.

But it isn’t just any war, especially since it comes from the inside, had most infected by the first day, and we don’t know anything about what happened before the Cataclysm; it isn’t like this is the distant future of 2020 or something like that…

True. One reason they may not have been equipped in mopp gear was Tue sheer speed that everything happened

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Raid the armory, steal a vehicle from the motor pool, and go the fuck home to try and save whomever you care for.

Get shot in the process, either because you were deserting or from a turret that’s outside the building, that’s if you’re even lucky enough to not get infected either…

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Anybody working in the armory would most likely be deserting, too. In fact, unless you worked in the armory, you’d be lucky if there was anything left by the time you got there.

In real life. Autoturrets don’t real in real life, at least not on any of the bases I’ve been on.

Anyways you’ll probably get shot, even if it was end of the world, because that’s how the U.S. military works

Yes I like this, like it a lot

Believe it or not there was this very question of “What would happen?” and there was a think tank that drummed up a plan for the government to act upon in the event of a real zombie outbreak. Now I haven’t actually read it. But it would be kinda silly when you think about the various zombie type outbreaks. So I wonder if there are variations on a theme with in the plan.

On a side note. Zombie Deer Disease. Just think how messed up this is in real life. The only good thing(if there is a good thing), would be knowing it takes up to 2 years to bugger your brain. That and human cases have not yet arisen.

So if you got it as a human and went nuckin futs on someone and ate them. You wouldn’t instantly turn into a zombie. Not to say the disease having no cure would comfort you though. I mean. You would within 2 years so…that sucks :man_shrugging:

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